Arandoza and DBL Cigar Event at Jimmy’s Cigar Lounge Melbourne FL

I have been doing a lot of travel these past few months and as a result I have missed many of my local B&M shop events here in Florida. Last night I took the opportunity to stop over at  my friend Jim Files place – Jimmy’s Cigar Lounge – located in Melbourne Florida.  Jimmy’s lounge  is a quaint shop  with a humidor loaded with brands that will entice your palate. He is especially  known for bringing in some of the best boutique lines  out there and  his clientele have no  objection to that as they like to try  new cigars and new blend experiences. This particular evening was extra special  as the cigar  rep  for Arandoza and Dominican Big Leaguer  cigars was sponsoring the event.

It may not sound like a big deal, but Jack Smink, the local representative for these two wonderful  brands is also famous for putting on Elvis Presley tribute shows  around the world.  Jack loves to entertain and enjoys interacting with people so he makes a  great cigar rep, not to mention that he has been puffing on cigars as long as I have. As the evening drew on we  all were treated to  a  special private  performance of Jack doing Elvis.  I have to admit, this was a spectacular mini show and  when  you watch the video  you will understand why Jack is loved all over the world.


Besides the show there were some great raffle prizes and a wonderful BBQ set up outside. I think all  would agree it was a great evening of cigars, food, drink and music. Jim Files is known for special events and I do my best to support him and the other Brick and Mortar shops around town or where ever my travels take me. I would  also like to give a warm shout out to Arandoza and DBL Cigars for sponsoring the event. I am staunch supporter of  both brands and you can read the reviews we have done on these fine cigars here on Stogie Press.

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