Blanco Primos Sumatra Torpedo – Cigar Review

During the 2014 IPCPR I had the pleasure of meeting the David and Cesar Blanco and spent time with them discussing the Blanco family history. One of the cigars they provided me to sample was the Blanco Primos Sumatra. I had this cigar since July and I wanted to smoke it a few times since, but it kept saying to me “no -not yet”. I had taken it with me on a trip once and it never got fired up. Unfortunately during that trip the head of the Primos got crushed a little so back to the humidor it went. Tonight I finally decided to smoke it. I had to clip a good part of the torpedo head off as it was crushed and tattered. As you will read, that had no impact on the smoking experience.

The Blanco Primos Sumatra is the Blanco Cigar Company’s bundle offering. Now don’t let that steer you from trying this stick. It is worth more than what Blanco is selling it for.

The Blanco Primos Sumatra is constructed from Nicaraguan Filler and Binder and is wrapped with an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper. The wrapper has a delicate satin feel to it with minimal veins and is medium brown in color. One of my favorite wrappers is the Sumatra because of it its natural sweetness and exotic spice. The Primos Sumatra does not disappoint in that category.

The Primos Sumatra band is different from the Blanco Primos Premium cigar line. The Sumatra is plain brown and white, like a Montecristo band. The word Primos is printed in white and the Primos symbol of a “V” made from 2 swords with the clasped “hands to arms logo” marks the brand.

Blanco Primos Sumatra

Blanco Primos Sumatra

Speaking to David Blanco I was informed that Primos Sumatra is available in bundles of 20 cigars and available in 4 vitolas:

  • Robusto
  • Toro
  • Double Corona
  • Torpedo

Tonight I am sampling the Torpedo that weighed in at 6 x 54 and it had a decent weight to it.

The dry draw offered some sweet tobacco flavors. The scent was hay like and there was no pepper or spice noticeable pre-light.

I had to do a deep cut on the head because of the mishandling I mentioned earlier. Once I fired it up there was a creamy buttery smoke that filled my palate and the smoke volume was full. The retro-hale was smooth with no bite or nasal burn to it. A nice floral aroma developed after the first inch.

Into the first third of the burn there is sweetness presenting itself on top of the butter and there seems to be a cinnamon spice coming in too. I guess you could say it is like cinnamon buttered toast in the morning. The tip of the tongue picks up a touch of saltiness on the head. The salt and pepper colored ash held on for a good inch and a half and the burn has been perfect without any wave or touch up needed.

As it moves into the second third there is a slight give to the barrel and the sweetness is becoming more pronounced at this stage. There is a toasted almond aroma that develops and the almond moves into the flavor profile. The ash picked right up where it left off and is holding tight.

As I puffed into the last third there was a fruit note that entered the profile that blended perfectly with the sweetness and nut flavors. This flavor profile remained all the way to the nub. Yes, this is one you would want to smoke down to the end.

Overall this is a wonderful smoke for the buck. I have contacted Blanco to order a bundle of these as they are a perfect everyday smoke. It would be great in the morning with a cup of Joe or even a lunch hour smoke. I would even suggest pairing this with some port wine in the evening.

Blanco Primos Sumatra

Blanco Primos Sumatra

If you can’t find these in your local shop you can always contact Blanco Cigars via their website. If you use the Code STOGIE2015 they will give you an additional 10% off


– Boston Jimmie

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