Cigar Humidors – Choosing the Perfect One for You

A humidor is an ideal place to house your fine cigars, and only a humidor can provide the ideal, protected environment necessary for your cigars. A humidor could be a basic Tupperware item, or a top of the range Davidoff, but ultimately the purpose is the same. A chic humidor can double in an ornamental[…]

El Artista

A visit with Radhames Rodriguez and Tabacalera El Artista – Cigar Seed to Palate

  You may not have heard of Radhames Rodriguez and Tabacalera El Artista or then again maybe you have.  I recently had the opportunity to visit with Radhames Sr. and his son Radhames  Jr. and was given a seed to cigar tour their facility in Tamboril, Santiago, Dominican Republic.  I spent a few days in their factory, walking their farms, exploring[…]

Cigar Boxes – Can They Get Some Respect

We all love our cigars. We walk into a shop, enter the humidor and our eyes roam over the many colors and shapes of the boxes that hold and present the craftsmanship of the brands. Some of us even collect them, maybe even hang them on our cigar cave walls. But how many of us[…]

Stogie Press Reviews Whiff Out

Recently I was communicating with a company – Whiff Industries – on social media. I kept seeing their posts about their special Deodorant Powder – Whiff Out. This product is designed to remove odors like stale cigar smoke from ashtrays and lingering on couches and carpets and vehicles. I asked if they could send me[…]

Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills – Video Product Review

This year at the IPCPR  we met up with the team from Cigar Reserve. Based out of Lake Oswego, OR, Cigar Reserve has engineered a cedar spill that is quite unique in its design. Shaped like a Spanish sword, the cedar spill burns perfectly once lit and overs the perfect and preferred method to lighting your[…]

A Short History of Cigars during 1990’s

The time is the late 20th century and the cigar industry got a shot in the arm from Marvin Shanken and his new glitzy publication Cigar Aficionado. The boom had started and cigars were flowing off the shelves of every shop around the country.  Prior to the 1990s cigar production was stable and consistent. It[…]

Come over to the Dark Side

When it comes to cigars, the dark side, those dark maduro wrapped sticks can seem scary to a mild cigar smoker or a newbie. They are perceived as strong, spicy, and an in your face style of smoke. Something one might describe as an after dinner stick to puff on. But I am here to[…]

Strong Cigars: How do they make them so potent?

A big thanks to Melvin Bossman Robinson owner of the Facebook Group BO$$MAN CIGARS one of the best cigar groups on Facebook for allowing us to repost this article. Strong Cigars: How do they make them so potent? CIGARS 101 We’ve all been there: you fire up a cigar, and one puff…two puffs…three puffs…floor. It hit[…]

Cigars 101 – An introduction to an artform

It is not just a cigar – Cigars have come a long way since Columbus was gifted some dried tobacco and noticed that the natives would roll them up and light them on fire. Cigars are not just dried tobacco leaf, rolled up, and boxed for your enjoyment. There is mixture of craft, botanical science[…]

cigar ancient

Why do we Smoke Cigars?

It was once said; “A cigar numbs sorrow and fills the solitary hours with a million gracious images.” We in the Americas have been enjoying the leaf for 1000’s of years. So what drew us to pick this plant, let the leaves dry, then roll the leaf and light it on fire? What persueded us[…]