May 30, 2014

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Boston Jimmie


We at Stogie Press believe in honest cigar reviews.

We don’t put numbers in our cigar reviews. We do cigar reviews like this so as to benefit the consumer and supplier alike. Every cigar deserves an honest cigar review. Feel free to comment on any of our honest cigar reviews or if you like, submit us one of your honest cigar reviews and we will add  to the list. We are unbiased in our cigar reviews and hope you are too.  Click a brand on the side to be taken to our honest cigar reviews and other brand related information for that manufacturer. If you are a cigar manufacturer and would like us to do cigar reviews on your brands and blends, feel free to contact us.

Featured Cigar of the Week

Jas Sum Kral Crna Nok

Jas Sum Kral Crna Nok

Jas Sum Kral Crna Nok

Overall,  the Jas Sum Kral  Crna Nok, was a deliciously complex yet well-balanced cigar that delivered smooth and flavorful notes through a creamy smoke and error free burn.