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I spent the last weekend over in Tampa, Ybor City, and Clearwater Beach Florida attending the Tampa Humidor’s Tampa Cigar Bash. The main event provided me with some awesome cigars to add to my humidor and of course to review. Tonight I decided to sample the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Robusto from My Father Cigars. Don Pepin Garcia is one of the most renowned blenders in the industry. His cigars are always sought after and the Cuban Classic was rated in the top 25 cigars of 2007.

According to the My Father Cigar website:
Don Pepin Garcia-Cuban Classic is the newest member of the Trio of Don Pepin Cigars. This cigar is the first blend made in the Garcia’s Factory located in Estela, Nicaragua. : Hand made using a butternut-brown wrapper; these cigars are jam-packed with lush, hearty Nicaraguan tobaccos. The flavor is rich and robust, yet complex and refined.

The Cuban Classic is constructed with Nicaraguan fillers and binders and is wrapped in Habano-Rosado wrapper that gives it a nice medium brown color with a slight sheen to it. Examining the Cuban Classic, you will note that it has a bit of a rustic look to it. The wrapper is bumpy and has some faint veins running through it. The seams are barely noticeable and the cigar is well packed with no soft spots. It has a double band applied, the lower one clearly identifies it as a Cuban Classic and the exquisite black and gold main band is  emblazoned with the words Don Pepin Garcia.

The Cuban Classic comes in 4 Vitolas:

  • 6×52     1950 Toro
  • 5.5×54  1970 Beliscoso
  • 5×50     1979 Robusto
  • 6×60     2001 Toro

The pre-light scent was earthy with a hint of cedar. I cut the triple cap with my double blade cutter and took a few dry draws. At first it was not clear what I was detecting but then I would realize it as a charred oak flavor. I was looking forward to firing this up but did a few more dry draws just to enjoy that flavor. Toasting the foot with a single flame torch lighter and taking in the initial puffs, the draw was perfect and the smoke was full and rich with a peppery start and hints of leather.

Having discussed the profile with my local rep Joaquin at the event I decided the Cuban Classic would pair well with a little dark rum. I chose some Papas Pilar 24 dark rum for this paring.Papas pays tribute to Ernest Hemingway who loved the island of Cuba and of course Cuban cigars. So I figured it was a proper choice and it will add a little sweetness to the spice on the Cuban Classic. I also feel a nice Cafe Cubano would pair well with this too.


The ash on the Cuban Classic was a light grey  in color and was quite a  tight ash as it burned.

As it approached the end of the first third there are earth notes coming in with a buttery undertone adding to the thick smoke.
The pepper settled after the 1st third and gave way to a nice mix of butter and a hint of cherry. The burn line is Pepin perfect as I would expect. As I smoke this fine cigar I am thinking that the Rum pairing was definitely the right choice. There is a delightful aroma of nuts and vanilla coming off the foot. The nut is like roasted acorn which brings me back that charred oak from the dry draw.

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Just before the primary band there are are notes of coffee that enter the mix and then a deep cherry flavor blends in, much more pronounced than I detected earlier.  The ash is nothing short of amazing. Throughout the burn the smoke was rich and full and the flavor did not linger on the palate.


Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic

Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic

I am a big fan of My Father Cigars and the Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic is no exception. In fact I will have to get some more of these.

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