Press Release – Lucky Leaf Cigars Introduces the Duo Cigar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – November 8, 2014


Lucky Leaf Cigars will be releasing the new Duo Cigar on November 15th, 2014. The Duo is a unique blend with an oily Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper housing a blend of premium Dominican long-filler tobacco and binder. With luxurious construction, and an intriguingly unique blend, this cigar delivers a full, smooth flavor from beginning to end.

After many months of sampling and changing blends, we have come up with a cigar that will bring something new to the industry.



Lucky Leaf Cigars is currently offering a special pre-release offer where you can order a box of Duo Cigars at a discounted price of $120/Box of 20. Normally these would be $200.00 MSRP. This offer runs till November 15th.

You can order from their website







3 thoughts on “Press Release – Lucky Leaf Cigars Introduces the Duo Cigar

  • I have been fortunate enough to try a couple pre-release versions of this cigar.

    It has a wonderful clean, but somehow exotic tobacco flavor with a nice amount of cocoa/brown sugar throughout.

    Hints of nut and spice move in and out as the cigar is enjoyed.

    I really liked the ones I had, and ordered a box as soon as they were made available. Can’t wait to have the DUO available whenever I want!

  • i ordered a box too and just got word that it’s shipping my way tonight, can’t wait cause it was such a great smoke for the price.

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