Sosa Underground Delphic Connecticut – Cigar Review

You may have seen on our best ash photos a crazy ash being carried on a short petite cigar known as the Underground from Sosa Cigars and distributed by their Antillian Cigar Corporation. We recently did a cigar chat article with Arby Sosa in the March issue of Stogie Press and Arby was kind enough to gift me some Underground cigars. The Underground cigar from Sosa Cigars is a unique cigar to say the least. Introduced in 2011 the Sosa Underground Delphic  Connecticut is a short petite corona measuring at 5 ½ x 41. They are a limited production of only 300 a week and are produced in the in Little Havana, Miami.

What is unique about the Sosa Underground Delphic Connecticut is the construction of this fine cigar. It is a light brown Connecticut wrapped cigar that is capped on both ends with a dark chocolate-brown Nicaraguan Habano leaf. They also come in a reverse wrap with a Nicaraguan Habano wrapper and a Connecticut set of caps. The head cap is finished with a small pig tail. The blend is rounded out with a Nicaraguan Binder and filler. For this review I sampled the Habano wrapped version.
The Underground comes in 3 vitolas:

  • Delphic (perfecto) 5 ½ x 41
  • Dar 5 x 50
  • Esoteric 6 x 50

During our sit down, Arby told me that these cigars are his introduction to the hipster line of cigars and the packaging backs that up with a bold new look to the box. The logo for the box was designed by local Miami tattoo artist, Jay Barranco which you can see here.

The fun part of this cigar is getting it lit since it has a closed foot which is actually a cap. I clipped the head and it takes a little time and some strong puffs to get this baby started. But once going, it delivers some amazing flavors.


The initial note is a rather unique spice, not pepper, but more like saffron. Yes, I am sticking with the saffron. It did not take long before the oils start to appear on the wrapper as the Underground delivers a palate full of smoke. Pretty damn good for a petite corona. The burn line is fairly tight and holding the shape of the vitola. As I smoke the Sosa Underground Delphic I think about how well this would pair with some nice mid-afternoon dark chocolate as it starts to offer a buttery and creamy note. The medium grey ash continues to hold on, although it starts to make a small bend as it cools. I am hoping it will stay. The flavors are very clean on the palate, they don’t linger long.

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As the Underground enters the second half there is a dry cocoa powder note coming in the background with a toasted nut front. The flavor profile maintained through the second third with a touch of sweetness now and then. There is no bite to this small stogie and the smoking pleasure lasted a good 40 minutes. The ash was the most incredible I have ever had on a stogie.


Sosa Underground Delphic

You can order these directly from Sosa through their Antillian Cigars site. They are available in boxes of 20 if you want to get the cool box design and as a 5 pack. I will be sampling the sister version of the Sosa Underground Delphic soon, and I am sure it will be just as good.

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