February 6, 2015

About Stogie Press – Cigar Reviews, News, Lifestyle

Boston Jimmie Stogie Press

Founded by “Boston Jimmie” Stogie Press was created to bring you the latest in News, Entertainment, and Honest Cigar Reviews. It all started back in 1997 when he and a friend decided to create a cigar magazine for central Florida. Though they had it all ready to go, they were new to the scene and we’re unable to secure advertising. Shelving the project Boston Jimmie never lost the passion and in 2014 he launched the online site Stogie Press.

An avid cigar smoker  for over 37 years, and an engineer for a major software company, Boston has traveled the world. Name a city, he’s probably been there, kind of like that Johnny Cash song. Boston Jimmie has a habit, after he’s finished working in whatever city he’s in, to “stumble in” to whatever bar or cigar lounge he finds. He’s a talker, so he opens up to people, shares his stories and his cigars. Man does he love his cigars. One of his pet peeves is the lack of honest cigar reviews out there and as a result he decided to create Stogie Press – the home of honest reviews.

We at Stogie Press, do not put number ratings in our cigar reviews, as we feel it is better to describe the smoking experience as we smoke them to the nub. We let the reader decide if that is a cigar that will meet the needs of their palate. In addition to the growing number of cigar reviews we do, there are also video cigar reviews on our You Tube channel – Stogie Press, and informative articles on the cigar lifestyle, cigar lounges, and helpful cigar 101 articles to assist the new cigar smoker. If you want to contribute cigar reviews to Stogie Press simply contact us and we will add you to our guest cigar reviews.

So someday, if you are sitting in a pub in the UK, a biergarten in Germany or a club in the US, look around. See that guy talking up a storm, and weaving a tale about something or another? Yep, Boston Jimmie’s in town. Ask him for a stogie, he’ll share that and a tale or two with you and most likely ask you if you follow Stogie Press and have read our cigar reviews  and related articles.