Todas Las Dias

Todas Las Dias Cigar Review – Any Day – Every Day

I assume everyone knows who Steve Saka is, and if you don’t, you may want to crawl out from under that old rock and join the 21st century cigar club. Steve is the owner of Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, a cigar company he founded after parting ways as President of Drew Estate a few years[…]

ENKI Cigars Corojo

Enki Cigars Corojo Cigar Review – A Cornucopia of Flavor

Back in 2013, I was starting a new cigar blog and had no idea what an amazing journey I was about to embark on. Over the years I have met some of the most incredible people in this business from brand owners, manufacturers, shop owners, fellow bloggers and cigar enthusiasts.  The journey continues and I[…]

Quesada Oro Dominicana Maduro

Quesada Oro Dominicana Maduro Cigar Review – 5 Years in the Making

Quesada Cigars has been crafting premium hand rolled cigars in the Dominican Republic for over 40 years,  In fact it was in 2014 that the company celebrated their 40th anniversary  in the country with the release of the Quesada 40th Anniversary Cigar.  That cigar earned them the #5 spot in our top 25 cigars of[…]

Jeremy Jack 23

Jeremy Jack 23 (JJ23) Cigar Review – Dark and Delightful

Today we dig a little deeper into the Jeremy Jack Cigars lineup with a review of the Jeremy Jack 23 or as they call  it, the JJ23. This is one of  the numerous cigars that the company introduced at this years IPCPR. If you would like to get more information about this young and upcoming[…]

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo Cigar Review – A Good Harvest

As I start the journey through the latest releases from this years IPCPR, I would like to begin with a review of the new  Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo. Casa Fernandez, famous for its Aganorsa farm-grown Nicaraguan tobacco and collaborations with some of the finest boutique blends on the market including Viaje, Warped, Illusione and[…]

Fratello oro

Fratello Oro Cigar Review – A pleasant Connecticut offering.

Introduced in 2016, the Fratello Oro was the cigar that completed the Fratello Cigars portfolio. Described as a Mild to Medium smoke it filled a void in the lineup. Now with its availability, Fratello Cigars has a complete line of cigars to fit the varied palates of the cigar market.  The name Oro translates to[…]

Crowned Heads LUMINOSA

Crowned Heads Luminosa Cigar Review – Let it Shine!!

Back in 2016, The Crowned Heads Cigar Company released a new cigar to the market in a what was a soft launch so that it would be in commerce in case the FDA passed regulations that did not exempt premium cigars. That cigar was the LUMINOSA and the strategy was spot on as the FDA[…]

AVO Synchro Nicaragua

AVO Synchro Nicaragua Cigar Review

As the first cigar of the newly rebranded AVO line from Davidoff, the AVO Synchro Nicaraqua made its debut at the 2015 IPCPR in New Orleans and hit the shelves in the US shortly after. The AVO Cigars webstie  proudly proclaimed: “Inspired by the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Avo Uvezian, our Master Blender has ventured to[…]

Emilio LJZ

Emilio LJZ Cigar Review – 70 Years in the Making

If you read our article,  Seed to Palate , you appreciate what it takes and how long it takes to bring that cigar you are smoking to market. We are talking years between the time to plant the seed, grow the plants, cultivate, dry, ferment, roll, age, and package. Patience and care are the key[…]

Cornelius & Anthony Aerial

Cornelius and Anthony hits new height with the Aerial Cigar

You have read my posts about this years IPCPR in Las Vegas and how much fun it was.. It was our 4th year and I have to say I was very humbled with the thanks I received for what we do on our side of the cigar business. Going to the show is more like[…]

S.T.K. Black Dahlia

S.T.K. Black Dahlia Cigar Review – A Cigar with Deep Meaning

The latest introduction by George Rico and Gran Habano Cigars is the Black Dahlia which falls under the company’s boutique S.T.K . line of cigars. It was announced back in May of this year and was featured at this years IPCPR. I had chance to catch up with George at the show and he walked[…]

Providencia Trinitas

Providencia Trinitas Cigar Pre-Release Review

I am becoming a fan lately of Jim Faber, Reed Grafke and Raymond Zinar from Providencia  Cigars.  It is easy to do that when their introductory blends, the El Santo and El Padre, were enjoyable enough for me to say they are deserving of a place in your humidor. But there is more coming from this[…]

Ventura Cigars CS/02

Ventura Cigars Case Study CS/02 Cigar Review

OK folks, this is the second of five reviews on the new Ventura Cigars Case Study blends. This time we take a look at the Ventura Cigars Case Study CS/02.  By now you have read the background story on the Case Study cigars from Ventura, so I will not repeat that in this review. Of[…]

Serino Royale Connecticut

Serino Royale Connecticut Cigar Review – Truly Majestic

Every Sunday morning I awake to the tap-tap of my friendly Cocker Spaniel’s paw. Ziggy is his name, and there is no sleeping in when Ziggy has to go out.I don’t mind though, it gives me an opportunity to sit on the back deck as the sun rises behind the palm trees and enjoy the[…]