June 9, 2014


From the beginning, Camacho has stood for intense pleasure unleashed. For more of what cigar lovers love and more of what cigar haters hate. If we had a soundtrack it would be loud. Loud enough to wake the neighbors and make big dogs howl. Austere? Subtle? Pretentious? Not so much. Just pure power, delivered with the skill and passion of a F-18 Super Hornet exploding off the deck of a carrier.

These aren’t Grandpa’s cigars from ancient film noir.

These are full-color, all-American-style cigars that effortlessly deliver full-frontal, all-out flavor. Flavor amped up to heights that old-school cigars have never dared climb. We see it this way: if you’re gonna have a cigar, have a damn cigar. One worthy of a glass of Jack… after shredding the Baja 1000 in 20 hours straight.

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