Guest Cigar Review: PI by ACC Cigars

ACC PIFor those who enjoy a morning cigar or have limited time to smoke, ACC Cigars has something for you.  PI, a short, stout and quick smoke, will complete your breakfast.

From the maker: “PI cigar is an entirely new concept in the cigar market. While most cigars are enjoyed over 1-2 hours,  PI has been developed for those who demand the best, but live a fast paced lifestyle and do not always have time for a full sized cigar. Beautifully packed in aluminum slide cases with humidification and matches, this cigar is a true solution for the modern fast paced lifestyle. “

Yes, the cigar measures 3.14 X 52, but also comes in 3.14 X 44 and 3.14 X 50.  I prefer the 50 ring gauge though it’s the same blend throughout the sizes.


The first thing to notice about the cigar is the packaging.  Aluminum slide cases of 8 cigars come with a humidification device and matches for complete smoking enjoyment.  Next up, the cigar itself.  Clean lines and a light brown wrapper, the pre-light notes are of clean tobacco.

Upon lighting, the cigar emits that superlative ACC sweetness their cigars are known for, much like the Don Cervantes Tres Maduro.  The flavor profile is completely different.  Starting off with notes of cold press espresso, followed by nuances of nuttiness and light spice, the cigar finished on a light to medium note for about thirty minutes of smoking time.  The burn is even and tight, the draw, perfect, both of which are thanks to entubado bunching methods  used to roll the cigars.  Massive complexity is hard to achieve in a cigar this size, so don’t expect that, but if you can find these cigars when they come to market, they will deliver an enjoyable smoking experience.


Like their other products, Pi by ACC Cigars is aimed at a higher end market.

Review by Sascha Illyvich – Author of Slow Burn: A Sexy Spy Thriller.  Grab your copy now!
Former spy Derrick falls for the sexy spitfire he’s bound to protect, even as terrorists scheme to take her from him – and destroy his way of life.

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