Kings Cigars Kings Corona – Cigar Review

Kings Cigars King

Kings Cigars King

The Baron from Kings cigars set the bar of expectation for their blends. Today we review the Kings blend, which is new for 2015.  Anwar Mithavayani and his Kings Cigars crew have taken the bar and raised it high with this cigar, which is wrapped in cedar, covering a dark brown maduro Arapiraca wrapper from Brazil. The Kings Cigar Co. describes this wrapper as:

Made from the highly coveted Brazilian flavorful Arapiraca leaf which is grown in central/eastern Brazil. It is often referred to as a Brazilian Maduro, although a bit less sweet and a little more light and earthy than a “standard maduro”.

The Kings Cigar comes in 6 vitolos:

  • Robusto 5×52
  • Corona 5.5×42
  • Toro 6×52
  • Torpedo 6 5/8 x 60
  • Churchill 7×52
  • Pesidente 7×60

Today I  sampling the Corona, which was provided to us by Kings Cigars.  The Kings Cigar is constructed from:

  • Wrapper – Brazilian Arapiraca
  • Binder – Ecuadorian Habano
  • Filler – Dominican Republic

Like all Kings Cigars the band is a coat of arms and the one on the Kings is a one of royalty with a bold Gold and Blue crown adoring the top of a four panel coat of arms. The coat of arms has a shield, cross, blue and gold patterned block, and the letter K.  The bottom of the band signifies the cigar as a Kings. The left and right of the coat of arms has a lion that morphs with a skyscraper and the band is finished with the words Kings Cigars on both sides wrapping around the words “Hand Made” on the left and “Dom Rep.” on the right.

Kings Cigars Kings

Kings Cigars Kings

Removing the cedar wrap and sniffing the barrel, I get, by no surprise, a note of cedar. The foot was a tad sweet.  Slicing the well applied cap the dry draw also offered some cedar and a touch of sweetness. When fired up, the Kings delivered a full palate of smoke that started off with woody note and an undertone of sugar cane sweetness. The burn is solid and as close to pinpoint as you can get.

After the initial few puffs the Kings offered up a floral aroma like that of an orange flower. If you ever made an Italian cannoli, you may know one of the secret ingredients is what is called orange flower water and this is the scent I was picking up. Makes me want to run out to the local Italian bakery and pick up some cannolis The smoke is creamy at this point and the ash is a medium grey.

Burning deep into the 1st third there was developing dried fruit note coming through and the draw has been perfect  so far. There is tons of smoke pouring off the foot filling the air with a sweet aroma. I have to say this is a real aromatic stick, one that should not offend anyone. It is wonderful mid-afternoon or early evening flavor sensation. This would be like a desert cigar for sure. The ash held strong for a good two inches before falling but picked up right where it left off.

As the Kings Cigar rounded second there is a hint of bitter-sweet chocolate that entered the profile balancing well with the early sweetness and cedar. The wrapper is showing signs of oiling up at this point. Throughout the burn the retro-hale has been  smooth and delightful with no nasal burn at all. A truly enjoyable smoke.

I was caught be surprise when the end of the second third of the Kings Cigar delivered  a graham cracker flavor  that blended so well with the chocolate and sweetness. It was like eating a s’mores. You know the taste, graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow. I really did not see that coming. I had to smoke the second sample just to be sure and it delivered on that flavor. Way to go Kings!,

Rounding third and heading for the home stretch, the Kings Cigar provided a bit of a salty taste with a roasted nut aroma.

Over all this is medium to full strength cigar with a full body of smoke and solid balancing of delectable flavor notes and aromas. I have to say this is a definite contender for the Stogie Press top 25 of 2015. If you are looking for a new full body stick to try, I highly recommend the Kings Cigar from Kings Cigars Co.


Kings Cigars Kings

Kings Cigars Kings


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