Lucky Leaf Cigars DUO – Cigar Review

Every now and then you come across a new and unique cigar that stands out in the field of stars. The DUO, a new cigar from a new company, Lucky Leaf Cigars, is one such cigar. I was working my social media accounts a few months ago and I came across some intriguing photos and comments on a new cigar brand. I engaged with the Jef Dunphy, one of the owners, and they sent us a couple of samples of their new release -the DUO.


As you can see the Duo is a beautifully wrapped cigar. It is a blend of Dominican filler and binder with a shiny, smooth, dark chocolate Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro Wrapper. You may be asking why we have this pictured with chocolate, well the simple answer is – the DUO features subtle added flavors of Chocolate and Coffee, which round out its profile.

We chose to do a video review of this stogie since it was so intriguing. As you will see, the DUO delivers on its promise of being a unique cigar in a very crowded field of premium cigars. But before the video, here are some other facts about the DUO cigar:

  • The company was founded by two long time friends who took their passion for cigars to a new level. They started with making cigar bands for special events like Birth Announcements,Weddings, and Small Businesses and moved in 2012 to creating a new cigar brand. In their own words:

After getting Cigar Bands Unlimited off and running, we wanted to take JnJ to the next level. Both enjoying cigars from early on in our adult life, we wanted to get into the business of producing our own cigar, but not just any cigar, we wanted to bring something new to the industry.

  • The DUO is processed in a way to enhance the traditional cigar flavor without losing the genuine qualities of a cigar.
  • The DUO is a regular release cigar of 800 boxes in 2015
  • They are manufactured at a private factory in the Dominican Republic located in Canca de Piedra (Tamboril), North East of Santiago
  • There is only one size available at this moment, a 6×52 Toro.
  • Additional sizes will be added throughout the year along with a Connecticut wrapper DUO which is currently in the sampling stage.


Besides the smoking experience of DUO, we were also impressed with the band design. They did a great job of matching the color of the leaf in the band design to that of the wrapper itself. It was so close in color that it almost looked like the word DUO was imprinted right on the cigar itself.  Such a design shows me that Lucky Leaf Cigars takes great pride in making their product.



Overall we found the DUO to be a delightful cigar, it had quality construction, it was a medium strength cigar that had a medium to full body especially at the end. The flavor profile was Chocolate, Mint, Salted Nut, Sweet Tobacco, with just a touch of Pepper now and then. This is a well balanced cigar with a very nice burn and a tight ash.


Lucky Leaf DUO

Lucky Leaf DUO

– Boston Jimmie

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