Perla Del Mar Cigar Review – By Zach Riley

This was not my first time smoking the Perla Del Mar cigar. I smoked this once before and really enjoyed it. I decided since we didn’t have a Perla Del Mar review on StogiePress, it was time to add them to the roster.

This cigar was purchased at Tobacco Express in Florence, AL. – a Tobacco store of which also has a pretty decent humidor as well. I go in there from time to time, because they have great deals on smokes. Here is another review from yours truly, Zac Riley.

Perla Del Mar

Perla Del Mar

The Perla Del Mar is available in 5 vitolas:

  • G (Toro) 6 1/4 x 54
  • L (Corona) 5 1/2 x 46
  • P (Gordo) 3 3/4 x 56
  • M (Robusto) 4 3/4 x 42
  • TG (Gordo) 6 x 60

The blend is described as:

  • Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Shade
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan

Smoking Experience:

Cold Draw: I’m getting a robust creamy note with a hint of dry spice which is really interesting. Excited to see what this cigar holds.

First Third: The initial light has a lot of spice for a Connecticut shade. The spice is more of a red pepper or black pepper spice. Through the nose I’m getting more of the white pepper. I have been eating a lot of Cajun and blackened food here lately. During the first third of the cigar I  taste what reminds me of  a blackened or Cajun dish which I find very interesting. It mush like something you would find in New Orleans or in the bayou. So far it is an extremely tasty cigar. No draw or construction issues that I can see or experienced.

Second Third: The first third has came and went and we are now on to the second third. It has gone from a blackened Cajun dish to a cup of heavy cream coffee. Every puff or so I am also getting a floral note. Really intriguing  for a Connecticut shade. I’m not complaining, though, I enjoy a nice floral note. Through the nose the spice is almost completely gone. Just a dash of white pepper remains. I’m towards the middle and I’m still getting that floral note every once in a while, a dash of white pepper through the nose, and that nice bold cup of creamy coffee on the inhale.

Perla Del Mar

Perla Del Mar

Finish/Final Third: The final third ended very nicely. It went from a creamy cup of coffee to a strong espresso with some nice black pepper and white pepper spice. Through the nose I’m actually getting that floral note that I was getting on the second third. A very nice touch to the ending. The strength got much stronger towards the finish as well. In the last half of the finish the spice came back that was in the beginning closing out a very nice ending to a wonderful cigar.

Perla Del Mar

Perla Del Mar

Overview: This was an excellent smoke. I plan to smoke more of these. I’m not much of a Connecticut smoker unless it’s a shade, but it’s worth it. Super affordable, good construction, and wonderful flavor from start to finish. If I’m in the mood for something light, with a good cup of coffee, or a regular smoke for the beginning of the day. This is it!

Also I want to apologize for the long span of no articles from me. I’ve been swamped with my full time job, spending time with my son, and the holidays. Should be able to get articles out more regularly again now. I’ve got TONS of stuff in my humidor just waiting to be reviewed, so be patient, because they’re coming. Much love guys. Feels great to get back in the swing of things. Hope you all enjoyed this review. Thank you all! – Zach Riley

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