Providencia Cigars Wine Cigar Pre-Release Cigar Review

Jim and Ray from Providencia cigars are back in the blending and crafting room this year trying some new things. Today I would like to offer a review of one of their latest pre-release cigars. For lack of a better name,  we will call  this the Providencia Wine Cigar. The company is still deciding on the proper name for it but it uses a special process of aging the leaf in the humidor around the aroma of the wine and grape peel mash. The process allows the raw leaf to absorb the aroma. This is different from other processes that actually store the leaf in the barrel that the wine come out of. The result of the Providencia process is a subtle grape and wine flavor through the smoking experience.

The company describes the blend as:

  • Wrapper – Mexican San Andres
  • Binder – Nicaragua
  • Filler – Nicaragua

Providencia Cigars has not yet decided on the final vitolas or retail price but the sample I received was a standard toro.

Pre-Light Examination

This cigar is most certainly a well constructed cigar showing the absolute craft of the team that, Providencia Cigars owner, Jim Faber has surrounded himself with., The wrapper is a medium to dark brown San Andres leaf with a decent oily sheen. The cigar is light on veins and is finished with a well applied triple cap.

The pre-light aromas offered an interesting hickory note along the barrel and there was a distinctive grape note off the foot.

Providencia Wine Cigar

I used a punch to open this one up and gave it some cold draw puffs that had a nice restriction but not much in flavor except for a growing pepper note as you roll it about and draw on it. Let;s see how it develops though once we fire it up

Cigar Review Notes

  • First light delivered a decent hit of white pepper 
  • Full volume smoke right from  the start
  • Light grey ash develops resting on a medium char line
  • A subtle chocolate note enters early in the burn
  • Floral aroma wafts off the foot
  • Fruit (grape) enters and grows after an inch
  • Delicate spice fills in the back note
  • This is a very refined cigar so far
  • There is a slight squish in the center of the barrel – but remember this is a young cigar and still has some extra moisture in the leaf
  • A tasty creamy coffee note enters to  complete the first third
  • I tapped the ash and was presented with a well-formed and centered burn cone 
  • A sliver of mint leaf enters into the second third 
  • Ash and burn have been perfect so far
  • Fruit is a getting more like a dry fruit with a touch of sweetness 
  • Mouth watering smoke at this point
  • The sweetness grows through the second third as the spice is gently laying in the back 
  • The dry sweet fruit lingers on the palate with just a hint of citrus 
  • The retro hale is smooth and easy on the nasal
  • Caramel aroma appears
  • Cream adds to the profile near the end of the second third 
  • Spice increases in the final third 
  • Strength has been medium for the most part until the final third, where now the ligero can be felt 
  • Ash has been solid all the way 
  • Final notes are earthy aroma with flavors of spice, fruit, and cream 
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes
Providencia Wine Cigar

Providencia Wine Cigar

Overall, the Providencia Wine Cigar was simply spectacular with a perfect burn, long ash, and a cornucopia of flavor notes that transitioned beautifully from foot to nub. It was primarily medium in strength until the final third; so this is one any cigar enthusiast would be able to enjoy. I feel this will age quite well and look forward to smoking the final version when it is ready. The company has told me to expect these in late summer.

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