May 30, 2014

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Boston Jimmie


We at Stogie Press believe in honest cigar reviews.

We don’t put numbers in our cigar reviews. We do cigar reviews like this so as to benefit the consumer and supplier alike. Every cigar deserves an honest cigar review. Feel free to comment on any of our honest cigar reviews or if you like, submit us one of your honest cigar reviews and we will add  to the list. We are unbiased in our cigar reviews and hope you are too.

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Featured Cigar of the Week

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo

The Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo was a spicy delectably delicious smoke with its notes of fruit, citrus, orange, and honey. This cigar is well worth the price with its perfect burn and long ash quality. Definitely and must try by any cigar enthusiast. 


Cigar Reviews
  • Providencia Maduro Lancero

    You have most likely seen my posts and reviews on Providencia Cigars, a small boutique cigar company with farming and production capacity in Honduras. Their most recent release, the Providencia Trinitas got a raving review from Stogie Press and was a testament to how well, the company’s owner, Jim Faber’s blending skills and palate have grown

  • RB Cigars genuine Maduro

    A few weeks ago I was contacted by Reno M Bayó, the purveyor of RB Cigars. This is a small, boutique cigar company, based out of Houston, Texas. Reno asked me if I would be kind enough to review his cigar on Stogie Press. I cordially agreed and he sent a sample of his latest blend in

  • Espinosa Wasabi Cigar

    There has been a lot of buzz these past couple  of  months about the return of the Espinosa Wasabi cigar. Originally debuting in 2016 as part of the Espinosa Back  Room series, the Wasabi was a very limited production cigar. Now once again, Erik must have been out for sushi again and decided it was

  • Gran Habano Persian King

    Last month I received some samples of the Gran Habano Persian King for review. I recall speaking to George Rico, owner of Gran Habano, at last years IPCPR about this unique cigar. He explained there were two blends of this cigar; the original, which was released over 8 years ago and a maduro which was

  • Dos Hombres Cabinet Dominican

    LAst year at the IPCPR in Las Vegas, I picked up a Dos Hombres Cabinet Dominican cigar from the United Cigar booth. In case you may not have heard of the United Cigar Group they are the company that brought us the highly acclaimed,  actually 100-rated ,  cigar the Atabey cigar. The Dos Hombres brand is

  • Casa Fernandez Miami Aganorsa Corojo

    Ah yes; the storied Aganorsa Leaf, highlighted by Casa Fernandez. For those that are not familiar with this leaf, let me take you on a short journey back to 1997. It was then that a young and successful New York financier and entrepreneur, Eduardo Fernandez, decided to take a chance and purchase land in Condega and Jalapa, Nicaragua to

  • QuickDraw Habano

    Wow. it’s hard to  believe it has been over two  years since I reviewed the first Southern Draw Cigars – QuickDraw. I think Robert Holt’s hair was darker back then but then again, this amazing cigar man has been pushing hard, criss-crossing the country, preaching the word of Southern Draw.  During one of those trips, Robert

  • Cigar Obsession Final Third

    Here at Stogie Press, we believe in being fair and with that fairness in mind, we removed the previous opening statement that basically warned followers of Cigar Obsession & Bryan Glynn that I didn’t enjoy this cigar. Some of the feedback I am receiving asks why I feel this cigar is overpriced. Here’s my reasoning:

  • Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky

    Our man Zac Riley, out in Muscle Shoals, Alabama is falling in love with Flatbed Cigars. Here’s his latest review of the Pennsyltucky blend from the company. This is another Rainey Day special today. We’ve got the Flatbed cigars Pennsyltucky. I thought this was going to be a really interesting concept, so I thought why not

  • CAO Zócalo

    Last week I had the pleasure of meeting CAO Master Blender, Ricky Rodriguez at an event at my local  shop – Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge. By now you should have read the short article on Ricky and as promised, I will now review the new and limited CAO Zócalo . Before we get into

  • Panacea Green

    My friend and colleague Jon Rainey is the Southeastern Rep for Flatbed Cigars, and he is the one that turned me onto this cigar, and the Flatbed cigar brand all together. I really looked forward to reviewing it, so when Cigar Room Shoals got them in I picked up several from the lineup.  Being a

  • Flatbed Cigars Panacea Blue (Azul)

    If you thought Zach Riley was taking a break from cigars you would be seriously wrong. He has been working hard doing his best to find time to enjoy some fine cigars when he can. Of course smoking and enjoying vs. smoking and reviewing are two different things and Zach has been doing his best

  • Flatbed Cigars Track 7

    The infamous Rainey strikes again in this review of the Track 7 2:46,  and HOLY COW. I won’t even say anymore. Hold on to your butts and enjoy this. I sure as heck did. Today we take a look at the Flatbed Cigars Track 7 2:46 cigar. Who is the Flatbed Cigar Company you ask? Their website

  • EQ Premium Cigars Habano

    Ahhh, EQ cigars, that small company that has been posting heavily in social media these days. We recently reviewed their Maduro blend the other week and found it to be a flavorful and pleasant smoking experience with perfect construction and burn. Today we are taking a look at a lighter shade of the EQ Premium