May 30, 2014

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Boston Jimmie


We at Stogie Press believe in honest cigar reviews.

We don’t put numbers in our cigar reviews. We do cigar reviews like this so as to benefit the consumer and supplier alike. Every cigar deserves an honest cigar review. Feel free to comment on any of our honest cigar reviews or if you like, submit us one of your honest cigar reviews and we will add  to the list. We are unbiased in our cigar reviews and hope you are too.

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Featured Cigar of the Week

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo

Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo

The Casa Fernandez Buena Cosecha Corojo was a spicy delectably delicious smoke with its notes of fruit, citrus, orange, and honey. This cigar is well worth the price with its perfect burn and long ash quality. Definitely and must try by any cigar enthusiast. 


Cigar Reviews
  • Hiram and Solomon Veiled Prophet

    Released in 2016, the Veiled Prophet is Hiram and Solomon Cigars limited release that brings to their portfolio a large format cigar. It weighs in at 7 x 60 and is the result of master blender David Blanco and Plasencia Cigars. The name is a tribute to the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm

  • 1502 Nicaragua

    Back in 2014, Enrique Sánchez introduced his first Nicaraguan Puro under the 1502 cigar line. That cigar was aptly named the 1502 Nicaragua and it is a tribute to the Enrique’s home country – Nicaragua. It should also be noted that the year 1502 is when Nicaragua was first “discovered” by Europeans when Christopher Columbus invaded from Honduras and

  • Micallef Gomez Sanchez 1RA Generacion Leyenda No. 2

    In December of 2017, I introduced you to the Micallef Gomez Sanchez 1RA Generacion Leyenda No. 1, a large, almost 2 hour smoke, that delivered on quality and flavor. It magnificently showed the craft of the 130 years of the Gomez Sanchez family and desire of Dr. Al Micallef to create a truly enjoyable cigar. Today

  • Kristoff Cameroon

    The other day I was going clicking through Stogie Press and realized there is now over 1,000 cigar reviews and articles that have been authored since our launch back in 2014. That’s a lot of content and a lot of cigars that have gone from beauty to ash. One of the first reviews I authored

  • Coyabo Green label

    It has been a while since I talked about Coyabo Cigars and one of the most pleasant Brothers of the Leaf, Juan Nunez. You may recall, we reviewed two of Juan’s four blends last year and today I would like to introduce you to the 3rd blend in the series, the Green Label. This cigar is

  • Valacari NeoClassic

    Back in November of 2017, I introduced you to a new cigar brand – Valacari Cigars. As part of that introduction we reviewed the one of their two blends, the Invitcus, which was a dark and rich maduro blend. Today I would like to offer a review of the company’s other blend, the NeoClassic.  I know

  • Micallef Herencia Maduro

    There is a lot to say about heritage, especially when it comes to the creation of premium cigars. When Al Micallef partnered with the Gomez Sanchez family, he got 130 years of cigar making and tobacco heritage to help his Micallef brand produce some of the finest cigars to hit the market. Of course with

  • Guáimaro by Esteban Disla

    In case you have not heard of Esteban Disla, he is the co-owner of Fabrica de Tobacos Nica Sueno which is the RoMa Craft Tobac factory in Nicaragua. Esteban is the tobacco man and has been the master cigar maker for RoMa Craft since 2011. At the 2016 IPCPR Esteban introduced his personal creation the Guáimaro.  The

  • Alec Bradley Black Market Illicit

    Back in March of 2017, Alec Bradley Cigars announced the release of the Black Market Illicit cigar. This cigar was released in the summer of 2017 as part of the Tobacconists’ Association of America’s (TAA) 2017 exclusive series. In the press release the company Alan Rubin, owner of Alec Bradley Cigar Company, stated: “This is the

  • My Way by Bayron Duarte

    As Old Blues Eyes, Frank Sinatra, sang over and again; “I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway,  And more, much more than this, I did it my way” And so is the case for one of the latest creations to come out of Oscar Valladares, the man, who with Island Jim

  • RoMa Craft Intemperance EC XVIII

    Intemperance is defined as- lack of moderation or restraint and in the case of cigars I find myself in that category. I love my cigars, I enjoy them anytime of the day and always have a few on me wherever I go. Of course if you enjoy cigars you know exactly what I am talking

  • Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2017

    Zach Riley is back in the reviewing seat again, after some long work weeks, and today we offer his take of the Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2017 cigar.  But before we get there here is a little background on the latest installment of this highly sought after and limited edition cigar. This years blend boasts

  • Cornelius londsdale

    The team at Cornelius & Anthony expanded their famed Cornelius line of cigars in 2017 with the introduction of a new londsdale vitola. I recently got my paws on this cigar and I have to say, this tall beauty is crafted as well as its other siblings in the lineup. I don’t always review multiple

  • Villiger La Vencedora

    Villiger Cigars, a company that has been selling tobacco products since 1888 when Jean and Louise Villiger started a small cigar manufacturing facility in their home in Pfeffikon the canton of Lucerne, Switzerland. We have seen the company in just the short time in the current century grow in the face of tobacco regulations worldwide.