May 30, 2014

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Boston Jimmie

We at Stogie Press believe in honest cigar reviews.

We don’t put numbers in our cigar reviews. We do cigar reviews like this so as to benefit the consumer and supplier alike. Every cigar deserves an honest cigar review. Feel free to comment on any of our honest cigar reviews or if you like, submit us one of your honest cigar reviews and we will add to the list. We are unbiased in our cigar reviews and hope you are too.

We have rolled out our new rating system in time for the 86th annual IPCPR and all reviews here forward will be subjected to the new system. You can read about it in the three articles we published.

    1. Stogie Press Rating System Part 1 – Construction

    2. Stogie Press Rating System Part 2 – Flavor, Aroma, Draw, Price to Experience

    3. Stogie Press Rating System Part 3 – The Numbers

Click a brand on the side to be taken to our honest cigar reviews and another brand related information for that manufacturer. If you are a cigar manufacturer and would like us to do cigar reviews on your brands and blends, feel free to contact us.

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Featured Cigar of the Week

Villiger La Meridiana Boxed Pressed Toro
Villiger La Meridiana Boxed Pressed Toro

Villiger La Meridiana Boxed Pressed Toro – Rated 93

The Villiger La Meridiana Boxed Pressed Toro was a stellar flavor bomb that had an excellent draw and burn qualities. I can see why this cigar was a hit in the European market as it never overpowered you and offered a plethora of flavors

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  • Mr. Red, Mr. Black, Mr. White; it sounds like part of the cast for the Reservoir Dogs, but in reality it is the core lines of Sinistro Cigars, a Glendale, CA based cigar company founded by James Agopian. The company has been in existence since 2015 and has been growing year over year. Adding to

  • Earlier this year I had the pleasure of attending the Underground Cigar Shop NFG19 boutique cigar festival in Fort Worth, TX. As part of the event, I purchased a Illusione Cigars sampler that contained a fine collection of Dion Giolito’s craft. One of those in the collection was the Illusione MJ12 which is the subject

  • The Davidoff Art Edition cigars have been marketed since 2014 when the first of the line debuted. The concept behind this premium line from Davidoff is to highlight an artist that the company commissions to contribute to the packaging and branding. This is the third installment of the Davidoff Art Edition since 2014 and is

  • September 11, 2001 is a day that changed the world as we know it, especially here in the USA. On that bright cloudless Tuesday morning, countless American lives were lost for doing nothing but going to work. Yes, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, going to work like they did the days,

  • Earlier this year I had the opportunity to attend the Smoke Inn Great Smoke in West Palm Beach, FL and by now you have read my recap on this outstanding event. The package of goodies was awesome, but while I was there I secured myself a box of the new Hand Gripper cigars from Moya

  • I am not sure how many of you have heard of Rodney and Tamika Hubbard, owners of RS Hubbard Tobacco, based out of St. Louis, MO. The brother-sister team has been producing cigars, under their brand name, for just over 3 years now. They are not new to the cigar culture, having smoked cigars for

  • I recently received a gift card from Holt’s Cigars last month to use to purchase some Fuente Gran Reserva Hemingway Signature cigars to review on Stogie Press. The package arrived in pristine form and I promptly stored them in my controlled humidor to add to the review rotation. Today I offer my review of this

  • When I published the news that Crux Cigars will be introducing a Limited Edition Short Salomone vitola of their acclaimed Epicure cigar, I said to myself, can the Crux crew top the original Epicure? I mean it was the #5 cigar of the year in a year with plenty of fine competition. I certainly wanted

  • Warfighter Tobacco .50 Cal Field Maduro Double Corona

    Last month we reviewed the Warfighter Cigars Cigars Garrison 7.62 MM Double Corona. Today I would like to offer a review of the Warfighter Cigars .50 Cal Field Maduro. Warfighter Tobacco .50 Cal Field Maduro Double Corona The Warfighter Cigars .50 Cal Field Maduro is a bold and inviting blend that is a just a

  • Back in February, Viajante’s Stogie Road owner Kerr Viajante and Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia. owner Dr. Gaby Kafie announced their collaboration on a new premium cigar line; El Viajante Edicion XXXV.  The limited release cigar is the first in a series of The Viajante’s Stogie Road Diaries and is available exclusively to brick and

  • If you visit the Alec Bradley website, you will see the following quote from Alan Rubin, owner of Alec Bradley Cigars: “A star in born.Alec Bradley Magic Toast got its name on a night forever etched in my memory. That’s the night, I saw for myself, by flashlight, a crop that was beyond belief. Tobaccos

  • Hiram and Solomon Veiled Prophet Monarch

    As I was enjoying the Easter and Passover weekend with my family, I looking for some cigars I have not smoked lately and decided to pick out a Hiram & Solomon Veiled Prophet Monarch. As I was smoking this I realized this is a cigar I have not reviewed yet on Stogie Press and decided

  • Late in 2018, I was up north for some family events and visits, one of which landed me Pittsburgh, PA. I took the opportunity while there to connect with my Stogie Press contributor, health coach and all around food nerd, Mike Bruce. Besides his love for cigars, Mike runs a website which you may

  • FQ Cigars Proper Robusto

    You may not know Matt Hunt and His brand FQ Cigars but this is a brand that has been growing since 2013. Since Matt lives in Central Florida, I have had the opportunity to meet him from the beginning of his journey. The name FQ stands for Fernandez y Quiroga. I first reviewed the company’s

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