Córdoba & Morales Cigars launches limited edition “Finca Santa Fe” cigar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MAY 9, 2016 Córdoba & Morales Effectively Lifts Cuban Cigar Embargo with Launch of New Limited Edition Cigar The pre-IPCPR release cigar delivers long-admired Cuban cigar flavor profile stateside to aficionados sans the hassle of bureaucratic red tape   ORLANDO, Fla., – Tired of waiting for Congress to lift the Cuban Embargo?[…]

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A brief chat with Cordoba y Morales Cigars at IPCPR2015

After last years grand introduction of the Clave Cubana Etiqueta Blanca, Cordoba y Morales has been growing across the nation. As one of the Top 25 cigars in 2014, rated by Stogie Press we wanted to see what was new and catch up with “Z” the owner of Cordoba y Morales at the 83rd Annual IPCPR in[…]

Susie Zook – A Woman who Smokes

One of the great things about cigar smoking is all the amazing people that you get to meet. One of the most warm-hearted and sweet of them is Susie Zook. Susie works part time in a cigar bar here in Florida called Paradise Cigarz. It’s a great neighborhood place that really specializes in boutique blends[…]

Emille Mustafa Cordoba y Morales – A Woman in the Boutique Cigar Business

Emille Mustafá Córdoba y Morales (Em for short) is a busy woman – a very busy woman. The day before this interview, she is in Tampa FL, throwing a birthday celebration for her loving husband and business partner, Azarías (Z for short). They are celebrating his birthday by having a cigar event at Cigar Castle,[…]

Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubana Lancero – Pre-Release Cigar Review

Earlier this year we had the privilege of reviewing the pre-release Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubana Etiqueta Blanca Toro and as you read, it was a real treat. Well I am pleased to announce that the Cordoba & Morales team has allowed lightning to strike twice in the same spot. This time it is the Clave Cubana Etiqueta Blanca[…]

Cordoba & Morales Family Reserve – Cigar Review

Cordoba & Morales Family Reserve Lancero As a small boutique cigar company, Cordoba & Morales is growing quickly with their 100 year cuban tradition in making cigars. Cordoba & Morales goes back to the Pinar del Rio area of Cuba. Grandma Celestina Cordoba Morales (where the name comes from) tought brothers Azarias Mustafa Córdoba and Osniel Mustafa Córdoba Azarias Mustafa Córdoba and[…]

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Cigar Review – Cordoba & Morales Clave Cubano Etiqueta Blanca Toro Gorda

Remember when you first smoked your first high strength cigar. You know the one, it lit you up and made you want to stay in your comfortable smoking chair or stool. Well I am here to report that after years of smoking cigars and finding but a few that have that effect on me I have discovered another.