Tres Maduro Churchill by Don Cervantes – Cigar Review

The Don Cervantes Tres Maduro Churchill (7X50), a true triple maduro cigar, is a complex cigar with rich notes of earth and cocoa.


Tres MaduroMuch like his other line of cigars, this cigar is rolled en tubado to provide for perfect construction while allowing a maximum amount of leaves to be put into the blend and achieve the desired taste profile.  Upon smelling the foot of the cigar, the smoker is greeted by hints of sweet spice.

Clipping the cap and taking a test draw revealed perfection in how a cigar should be.

Toasting the foot brings out a plethora of sweet smelling light blue smoke along with the normal grey.  This cigar is a complete blend of aged maduro leaves with plenty of ligero and pelo de oro providing complexity in the taste profile.

Upon my first draw, it starts off with a fresh, clean taste and plenty of smoke. Chocolate brown maduro wrapper has been fermented properly to give the cigar more depth and sweetness, evident in both the taste and aroma.

The second third melds those clean flavors with more pronounced earth and a very faint amount of spice.  Very pronounced cocoa and dark coffee notes now prevail, leaving a medium finish in my mouth.  The draw still maintains perfection and by now the ash has held on to about two inches before falling off.

Flavors intensified on the final third of the cigar and by this time two hours had passed.  Definitely a fuller bodied cigar.

If I were to pair this cigar with something it would be a full bodied wine or cognac to compliment the smoothness of the cigar. Probably a Cabernet Sauvignon or a glass of Remy Martin XO.

Remy Martin


Review By Sascha Illyvich

Author of “Burning for Derrick” coming soon from Ardent Books

“Former spy Derrick falls for the magical woman he’s hired to protect.  Terrorists want her gifts to destroy his own paranormal community; he’s not about to let that happen.” 

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