Editorial February 2015

This past month we have seen some interesting news in the cigar industry. The United States continues to move forward with open relation with Cuba and making travel there even easier. You no longer need to apply for a license to visit the forbidden island but you will still need to identify the reason for the visit when you book travel as a US citizen. We are not sure how that works when you return and are questioned of the validity by customs and immigration but you would be happy to hear about any experiences you have had. We also saw the city of New Orleans move to pass a comprehensive smoking ban that did pass but with a number of amendments to it. The out-pour of comments to the city council from cigar smokers, thanks to the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) association and the Cigar Rights of America (CRA) involvement helped turn the ban into less of an impact. The IPCPR annual convention will be in New Orleans and there were favorable exemptions in the law that will allow those attending to still enjoy the event and the city in typical smoky flare.

February is also the month for lovers – Valentine’s day. If your partner is a cigar lover we point you to our November 2014 gift issue for ideas for cigar related gifts. It’s not too late to get them that new lighter, ashtray or even their favorite cigar. I am sure they will appreciate it. Heck, even if they are not you should point them to it to get you the gift, but be sure to get them something comparable or you may be in the smoky dog house.

IMG_9085This month we are featuring Americas “Caribbean” island – Key West. We took a trip down there in January and met some amazing people including the Rodriguez family from Rodriguez Cigars and we stumbled upon the 1 year anniversary of the Chef Distilled – Key West First Legal Rum Distillery. The highlight of this month’s issue is the long awaited publishing of an interview we did with the renowned treasure hunter, Mel Fisher back in 1997 one year before he passed away. It could very well be the last surviving interview with him on cigars and treasure hunting.

On the trip back from Key West we stopped over at the Island Smoke shop on Key Largo, the largest shop in the keys. We took some photos and interviewed the owner briefly. You can see that on the Stogie Press Cigar Lounge page where we will continue to visit and feature cigar shops and lounges around the country. So if you are ever driving down to the keys this is a must stop. Say hello to Bob and tell him Boston Jimmie from Stogie Press says hello.

This past month Stogie Press has started doing video reviews and you can see them on the Stogie Press channel on you tube and of course they are listed on our new Video Cigar Review page on Stogie Press.

And while you are looking over the site, check out the Best Ash page where we feature a photo gallery of best ashes we come across. We recently sampled the Sosa Cigars Underground petite corona and you have to check out that ash here. The year has just started and that ash is already in the top running for ash of the year a new category we will have for 2015.

Social media has been getting more active with increased followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We thank all of our followers and friends and we hope to build even more as 2015 continues.

Next month (March) we will be featuring Miami and Little Havana. A wonderful cigar destination and future issues will include features on Central Florida and Orlando, Oldies but Goodies, Hamake (Cigars) in Japan, and of course New Orleans when we cover this year’s IPCPR.

Thanks for reading and Stay Smoky

– Boston Jimmie

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