Editorial January 2015

So we have closed out 2014 and now we look forward to a new year. Looking back over  2014, Stogie Press would like to thank all of our followers and friends who have been supporting us throughout the year. We started Stogie Press with the intention of making a premier online cigar magazine and I think we have achieved that. With the help of many in the industry including cigar reps, shops, manufacturers, and social media groups, we have been able to bring our readers the best in cigar related news, reviews, and entertainment. You can expect even more in 2015.

Stogie Press has been operational for 6 months now  and during that time we have tried a number of ideas and took your feedback. We adjusted and moved forward and will continue to do so. We want Stogie Press to be your go to online source for the cigar lifestyle. We have more to go and we have some new and exciting delivery methods coming in 2015.  Look forward to “Stogie Vision” our new You Tube channel that will bring you video cigar reviews with the Stogie Press staff and friends – direct from the Stogie Press Smoking Lounge.

The cigar industry was put under attack in 2014 by the FDA and we have seen a consolidation in the industry as a result of it. It is expected that by April of 2015 we should know where the chips fall on this all important regulation. We will have continued coverage on this throughout the year.

One of the big 2014 announcements was the surprise opening of relations with the nation of Cuba. This has and will be controversial as it moves forward. There is much to work out and it is sure to be dotting the headlines throughout 2015.

Stogie Press will also be adding a new page that features cigar shops and lounges across the country and the world. We hope to get input from our many followers on this. To start this we will be featuring the Rocky Patel Burn lounge in this issue. If you own or frequent a local shop and would like to feature it i Stogie Press let us know just send us photos and a description of the lounge and we will include it.

We ran a Facebook group best ash contest and awarded the winner 5 cigars from our personal collection. You can expect to see more contests like this throughout 2015.

The current January 2015 issue is all about Boutique Cigars and we hope you will enjoy our articles

Future issues will take you on some more cigar adventures:

February will feature Key West, FL a true cigar destination and cigar friendly town. We will be publishing an article that has been in the vault here at Immerse Marketing since 1997 when we interviewed the late Mel Fisher about cigars and treasure hunting. We will also feature Rodriguez Cigars the oldest cigar factory on the island along with a special article on the 1 year old Key West Legal Rum Distillery.

March will be all about Miami, FL. We will take you on a stroll of Calle Ocho in Little Havana and introduce you t some of the small factories that dot the landscape and provide some interviews with the owners.

The list will continue as we search out cigar experiences for you, our treasured readers.

Stay Smokey My Brothers and Sisters

James (Boston Jimmie) Vita

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