Editorial June 2015

June is upon us and with the month of June come Father’s Day, Graduations, and Vacations. In this month’s issue we take a few trips around the world. We take you to Japan and introduce you to some terrific destinations beyond Tokyo including Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nagoya and Mt. Fuji. Then take a trip with us to the top of the world as we visit Gothenburg Sweden the original tobacco capital of the country. We visit one of the oldest tobacco establishments in the city – Mellgren’s Fine Tobacco and even join a shuffle board tournament with the crowd from Mellgren’s. Lastly we stop over in New England and visit a couple of cigar shops in Sudbury, MA and Nashua, NH, and checkout a tour of Fenway Park.

We also review the newest, yet to be released Royal Danish, Grand Cru, box pressed cigar. This is a terrific new cigar from a company that needs to get into the US market.

And of course in the spirit of father’s day we breakdown some of the best deals out there and some unique gifts for all the dads out there.

It has been 11 months since Stogie Press was launched and we have grown ever since. We thank all our followers, subscribers, and sponsors for helping to make Stogie Press one of the go to sites for news, reviews and lifestyle articles.  As we move into July, the big event will be the annual International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers association convention in New Orleans where all the new blends come out, rest assured Stogie Press will be there bringing you daily coverage and reviews.

The main topic of discussion in the cigar blogosphere is what the FDA will do with regards to the deeming regulations. We expected an announcement this month but to date it has been silent. We continue to monitor the news and will bring it to you as soon as we get the word.
Thanks again for following us and we look forward to the start of our second year.

Boston Jimmie

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