Editorial – March 2015

It was a fast month of February and the month of March caught up to us rather quickly here at Stogie Press. We planned on taking another trip to Miami but family and work events made that impossible so we will be doing our stories of Little Havana, Miami in two parts. This month we take part one of a trip through Little Havana. We will introduce you to George Rico of G.R Tabacaleras Co and Arby Sosa of Sosa Family Cigars and Antillian Cigar Distributors. We spent time with each of them during our visit to Miami to learn about their operations and their rich family cigar heritage.

We also will take you on evening stroll down Calle Ocho (8th street) in Little Havana where you will see some amazing art and sights only seen in this small Cuban enclave. Since the night life in Miami is really South Beach there is not much action on Calle Ocho once the sun goes down except for some of the best Cuban restaurants this side of Cuba and a number of local cigar shops.

Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho

Stogie Press is also featuring two new cigar lounges this month. The first is the Mancave Cigar Lounge located in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the second is the Third Street Cigar Lounge located in Ohio which I visited recently on a business trip to Detroit.

We also have asked our readers for input on Stogie Press and one of the top comments was building a list of local Brick and Mortar shops and another was a request to do more reviews of quality bundled cigars. We have added a new category for Bundled Cigars so now it is easy to find them by selecting the drop down on the footer of the blog page and selecting Bundled Cigars. We hope to be adding more to this category in the months ahead.

We have continued to do more video reviews on our You Tube Stogie Press channel along with additional in depth cigar reviews that you have enjoyed

You may have noticed some new advertising on the site as we reach out to enlist sponsors for Stogie Press.

The Stogie Press lounge has received more guests this past month and we are always open to any visitors that come to the Space Coast and wish to stop by for a smoke and a bit of cigar chat with Boston Jimmie and the Crew.

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