Editorial: These Young Cigar Brands Have Perseverance

The other night, I posted a short text on my social media channels noting that there were quite a few, young cigar brands, that have shown they have the perseverance to stay the course. They have navigated the murky waters of this business we all love so much, even with bigger brands and the FDA breathing down their necks.

Many of these brands have been in the market as long as Stogie Press, your Small Cigar Brand/Boutique Cigar authority. This is our 6th IPCPR and we know what it takes to stay true to the mission, pushing every day to build a brand that consumers enjoy. We have watched brands grow and succeed over the time we have spent in the business. Sadly, there are some brands that have folded, faded away, or chose not to attend the show.

The young brands I have listed below, have shown the drive and desire to press on, under amazing odds, and I respect and applaud them!

The following brands will once again be represented at this years IPCPR, just as they have in the past, some for as long as six years. Some of these brands were born out of larger companies, where the brand owner wanted to go solo, while others decided they wanted to take a shot and get into the business, a business that has not been for the faint of heart over the past five years. You may know some, maybe you know them all, or perhaps you have yet to be acquainted with them. I can tell you this much, the number of these young brands equates to about 10% of the booths at the show and they produce some fine cigar craft.

If you are attending the 87th Annual IPCPR Association Trade Show this week, stop by these booths and check out their craft. If nothing else, congratulate them for having the perseverance to stay the course, I know I will.

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