The Cigar Widow

It’s International Woman’s Day. This is also my birthday week -Wednesday, actually. It’s also the week that my husband, Boston Jimmie, had two major, back-to-back cigar events; one in the Dominican Republic & the other in Texas. I’m in Central Florida, so yeah, happy birthday to me. The logistics worked like this: he left here Read more about The Cigar Widow[…]

Cuban Heritage Cigar Sampler Give Away

Boston Jimmie is at it again. Now that he has returned from 3 weeks in Europe he has teamed up with Famous Smoke for a fantastic cigar giveaway. This time it is a Cuban Heritage sampler pack with an MSRP of $82.00 Qty Description: 1 Avo XO Original Preludio 1 Cohiba Robusto 1 H.Upmann Sun Read more about Cuban Heritage Cigar Sampler Give Away[…]

Boutique Cigars and the Start of the Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Cigars

Well here we are again, nearing the end of the year and of course that means preparation for the Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Cigars featuring boutique and small batch brands. I have been giving hints since July as to who might make the cut and of course the final countdown list is top  secret, Read more about Boutique Cigars and the Start of the Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Cigars[…]

Cigars that are Making our Mouths Water

Last year there were well over 1200 new blends of cigars that hit the market, many of which were represented at the IPCPR.  Stogie Press had received a fraction of those new blends to sample as there are more suppliers than there is time to meet and greet. The same of course held true for Read more about Cigars that are Making our Mouths Water[…]

Cohiba Behike 52

Cuban Cigars – The Forbidden Fruit

There has been plenty of excitement in the cigar world here in the USA ever since our Government decided to mend relationships with Cuba. If all goes according to plan you will soon be able to travel there freely and indulge in the forbidden fruit – Cuban Cigars. Of course these cigars will also be Read more about Cuban Cigars – The Forbidden Fruit[…]

Cigars at the Top of the World

I recently had the opportunity to visit the country of Sweden this month and I have to say it was far better than the last time I was there back in the month of January. The weather was warmer and the sun seemed to never want to set. I recall meeting the owner of Royal Read more about Cigars at the Top of the World[…]

Susie Zook – A Woman who Smokes

One of the great things about cigar smoking is all the amazing people that you get to meet. One of the most warm-hearted and sweet of them is Susie Zook. Susie works part time in a cigar bar here in Florida called Paradise Cigarz. It’s a great neighborhood place that really specializes in boutique blends Read more about Susie Zook – A Woman who Smokes[…]

Emille Mustafa Cordoba y Morales – A Woman in the Boutique Cigar Business

Emille Mustafá Córdoba y Morales (Em for short) is a busy woman – a very busy woman. The day before this interview, she is in Tampa FL, throwing a birthday celebration for her loving husband and business partner, Azarías (Z for short). They are celebrating his birthday by having a cigar event at Cigar Castle, Read more about Emille Mustafa Cordoba y Morales – A Woman in the Boutique Cigar Business[…]

Cigar Oldies but Goodies

In preparation for this month’s issue we decided to take a look back and sample some of the oldies but goodies that are still on the market. No we are not talking about the Atari Game Machine, Video Disk, Streamline Phone, or Scarface the Movie, but some of these are still goodies. We are talking Read more about Cigar Oldies but Goodies[…]

Cigar Chat with George Rico of G.R Tabacaleras Co.

Little Havana, FL; a mecca for cigar lovers everywhere is not just a place for the consumer to buy some great hand rolled cigars but a place where even some of the finest cigars on the market are manufactured. It is where Willy Herrera, the master blender from Drew Estate came from and where you Read more about Cigar Chat with George Rico of G.R Tabacaleras Co.[…]

Island Smoke Shop

On the the trip back from Key West we stopped briefly in the Island Smoke Shop in Key Largo, FL. This is the largest cigar shop in the Florida Keys and South Florida and is a must stop for any cigar lover heading there. The shop is located in Pink Plaza on the west side Read more about Island Smoke Shop[…]

Strong Cigars: How do they make them so potent?

A big thanks to Melvin Bossman Robinson owner of the Facebook Group BO$$MAN CIGARS one of the best cigar groups on Facebook for allowing us to repost this article. Strong Cigars: How do they make them so potent? CIGARS 101   We’ve all been there: you fire up a cigar, and one puff…two puffs…three puffs…floor. It Read more about Strong Cigars: How do they make them so potent?[…]

Building a Cigar Cave Bar

I dedicate this article to my Dog Rufus who passed away only a few weeks after the completion of this project. Rufus was a great friend always there with me reviewing cigars and just hanging out listening to my stories. Here’s to you Rufus as you cross the rainbow bridge. I do a lot of travel Read more about Building a Cigar Cave Bar[…]