Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Cigar Review

By Zach Riley I was doing some googling the other day, and I came across this article on a piece that was uncovered earlier this year by Michelangelo. It was a Charcoal piece that eventually sold for around $300 million, but don’t quote me there, and then I remembered resting in my humidor, I had[…]

VegaFina Pigtail Anejado 7 Anos Cigar Review

The VegaFina Pigtail Anejado 7 Anos By Zach Riley So I just got off the phone with the famous man who runs this wonderful site we call Stogie Press, and he wants me to continue to write for him, so here I am writing a review for a brand new cigar that came out this year[…]

Foundation Wise Man Maduro Guest Cigar Review

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Zachary Riley, who has been a fervent reader of Stogie Press and recently contacted me to see if he could pen a review for publication. I have to say, he is a well informed cigar smoker.  We chatted for a bit this past weekend, and decided he would write his inaugural[…]

La Flor Dominicana La Nox – Guest Cigar Review

La Flor Dominicana La Nox is a 6.5×50 parejo, constructed with Brazilian wrapper over a Mexican San Andrés binder and Dominican fillers. The Brazilian wrapper is dark, toothy, oily with visible seams giving it the appearance that it was brushed with a dark wood stain. It is very firmly rolled with no soft spots. Initial[…]

Guest Post: Cigar Review – Camacho Triple Maduro

I’d managed to snag this cigar in the Atlanta area, at a liquor store of all places.  I’d been wanting to try it and see what the hype was about and was honestly surprised to find it in a well kept humidor in said liquor store. Considering my first true triple Maduro was the Tres Maduro by[…]

Masterpiece Black by Don Cervantes – Cigar Review

Masterpiece Black by Don Cervantes – Cigar Review The Masterpiece Black is another winner from the folks that brought you Don Cervantes Tres Maduro and the Masterpiece Platinum cigars smokers have been enjoying so much.  Excellent construction thanks to an old style en tubado rolling method makes for a stick that provides a solid grey[…]