Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art Cigar Review

By Zach Riley

I was doing some googling the other day, and I came across this article on a piece that was uncovered earlier this year by Michelangelo. It was a Charcoal piece that eventually sold for around $300 million, but don’t quote me there, and then I remembered resting in my humidor, I had the brand new Alec Bradley Lost Art, but the Alec Bradley Lost Art has no correlation to the Michelangelo piece that was recently uncovered and sold. The Lost Art is a similar blend to the maduro prensado, but with a natural wrapper, but we will get into that further into the smoke.

On this fine day we have the brand new Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art that came out this past year at the 2017 IPCPR, so sit back, relax, and let’s see what this baby has to offer. I bought this at my local brick and mortar from the Alec Bradley rep himself, Chris Carey, during an event. This is my first time smoking the cigar. It is the churchill size, so here we go.

Blend and sizes:


  • Churchill: 7 x 50 (MSRP $12.50)
  • Double Toro: 6 x 60 (MSRP $12.85)
  • Gran Toro: 6 1/4 x 52 (MSRP $10.95)
  • Robusto: 5 x 52 (MSRP $9.90)
  • Torpedo: 6 1/2 x 52 (MSRP $12.50)


  • Wrapper: Honduran
  • Binder: dual binder with Nicaraguan and Honduran
  • Filler: Nicaraguan and Honduran

Smoking Experience:

Cold Draw: What I get from this is pure earth before the initial light. I’m really interested in what it’s going to taste like, so here we go.

First third: The initial light is mind blowing, woah. I’m getting the following: hazelnut, a white pepper spice, some earth, and a wonderful aroma as well. This has so much going on initially. I’m going to see what’s going through the nose. Very similar flavors through the nose, but with less white pepper. This is really scrumptious. Let me get into it more and I’ll be back.

Second third: The spice has almost completely disappeared, and the large amounts of flavor have changed to just a couple flavors. I’m getting an almost floral flavor now which is also really good, and different for a cigar that isn’t flavored. Let me see what I can sense through my nose. Through the nose the white pepper returns throughout the entire retro, and the floral like note is a bit lesser than in the inhale. Less going on in the second third, but still really tasty nonetheless. The second half of this second third it has returned to the earthiness and leather again. The floral note is about gone, but now it has turned into a pure earth note.

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art

Final third/finish: I just got into the final third, and it has really taken a creamy note. No more pepper going on anymore in the inhale, and just a smooth pull. On the retro I am getting an extremely smooth flow through the nose with no spice at all. I’m still working on this baby, and the earthy notes have returned once again for the finish which is a welcome, because they have come off and on through the journey, and have been very tasty throughout. The final little bit went back to that intensely heavy cream note through the nose and the inhale. A stupendous way to end this long smoke.

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art

Alec Bradley Prensado Lost Art

Overview: This was absolutely great. So much going on in this cigar. Honestly I almost broke this big joker up into fourths since it was a Chruchill size, but did not. I really enjoyed doing this review, because number one it tasted unique all the way through, number two, it burned great and I never had to touch it up, and finally it was something brand new for me to put out there for everyone to check out. It is worth every bit of the price. Amazing construction, wonderful price, and a wonderful aroma throughout. Big win here for Alec Bradley. Thanks again, Chris!

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  • Very cool. I’m a Bradley fan and I really like the original Prensado. Thompson’s has an amazing “Five Pack Fever” mix and match deal, and this is on there in the Robusto size. I am ordering some now!

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