A. Flores 1975 Gran Reserva Desflorada

2016 Top Connecticut Cigars –

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 15, 2017 Once again, Stogie Press brings you our pick of the top Connecticut cigars for the past year. We created this category because Connecticut wrapped cigars don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Although many think these blonde beauties are mild compared to their darker brethren, that is not always the[…]

Record Bond Cigar to be re-created by Hamptons Cigar Manufactory & Museum

A prominent industrial age family born and bred in Pennsylvania’s rich tobacco factory past today donated 50,000 cigar bands, box labels and related memorabilia and provided seed capital to recreate the Record Bond cigar that the family once made out of York County PA. The family, which prefers to stay private, made the donation agreement[…]

Hamptons Cigars Manufactory & Museum Humidor

Hamptons Cigar Manufactory & Museum announces Limited Edition “Hamptons Humidor”

June 30, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   The Hamptons Cigar Manufactory & Museum proudly announces the Limited Edition “Hamptons Humidor” which is handcrafted using traditional joinery and craftsmanship. It is hand-finished and oiled to a beautiful satin finish. Like our Premium cigars, these are handmade as well. From start to finish. We typically build humidors[…]

Segar Enigma of Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor Enigma Segar Double Robusto Cigar Review

It wasn’t that long ago when Larry Jit, the founder and  owner of the Hamptons Cigar Manufactory and Museum, contacted me to talk about his latest project, a cigar museum on the east end of Long Island, N.Y.. I was intrigued enough to write an article on it and after publishing it, Larry contacted me[…]

Segar Enigma of Sag Harbor

Cigar Museum to Open in the Hamptons on Long Island

    I would like to introduce you to Mr. Larry Jit, a man with a passion and love for cigars. Larry is the Creator/CEO at DubaiCigarFestival.com  and Founder & CEO at Hamptons Cigar Company. Born and raised in New York City, Larry has such a penchant for the leaf that he holds Guinness World Book record for smoking 75[…]