Wayne D. Clarke

Hiram and Solomon Cigars taps Wayne D. Clarke for General Manager and Sales Director

For Immediate Release June 21, 2018 New York, NY–Hiram and Solomon Cigars, one of the fastest growing boutique cigars in the country, is excited to announce the hiring of Wayne D. Clarke as General Manager and Sales Director. He will begin work immediately and will be helping grow underdeveloped territories nationwide as well as work[…]

Hiram and Solomon Cigars Announces Veiled Prophet Toro

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June, 13 2018 Due to the great demand and success of the original Veiled Prophet introduction, Hiram & Solomon Cigars, are proud to announce the NEW limited production of the Veiled Prophet in the 6 x 54 Toro size! The new Veiled Prophet Toro is constructed with the same top quality and[…]

Hiram and Solomon Veiled Prophet

Hiram and Solomon Veiled Prophet Cigar Review – This no Joke!

Released in 2016, the Veiled Prophet is Hiram and Solomon Cigars limited release that brings to their portfolio a large format cigar. It weighs in at 7 x 60 and is the result of master blender David Blanco and Plasencia Cigars. The name is a tribute to the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm[…]

The Stogie Press 2017 Top 25 Boutique Cigars

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 1, 2018 What a year 2017 has been. Even with the FDA regulations there was a plethora of new releases and even though we didn’t smoke them all, those we did, showcased the amazing skill and craft of so many cigar makers and factories. This years competition was tight and making[…]

2017 Top 25 Boutique Cigars Candidates 10 – 15

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 22,  2017 We are moving into Christmas weekend and that means it is time for the next 5 candidates for the Stogie Press 2017 Top 25 Boutique Cigars and that also means there are only 10 more candidates to select before the end of the month. So without further fanfare let me[…]

Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man

Hiram Solomon Traveling Man Cigar Review – A Second Take

As we noted in previous articles on Hiram & Solomon, they moved operations to the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua this year and worked with Master Blender David Blanco from Blanco Cigars to update the blend. That move has been paying pretty big dividends for the company as the cost of production has decreased and that[…]

Captain Fred

Rare Scotch – Hiram and Solomon Cigars – Sailing in the Sun – Sláinte!!

What a difference a week can make when it comes to winter weather here in Florida. Just this time last week, I was getting ready to drive down to Stuart, Florida to  join up with 13 other Rare Scotch and Cigar enthusiasts to embark on a 3 hour tour of the Schooner Lily. Now if[…]

Hiram Solomon Entered Apprentice

Hiram Solomon Entered Apprentice Cigar Review – The Plasencia Take

Back in June of 2016, I did a rough cut review of the Hiram Solomon Entered Apprentice cigar. i enjoyed that cigar and it delivered some interesting flavor notes. Back then, Fouad Kashouty and his  business partner, Nasir George Dakrat were doing well and with their line and were making them in the Dominican Republic. Well[…]

Hiram Solomon Expanding Production To Nicaraugua

EXPANDING PRODUCTION TO NICARAGUA June 30, 2017 For Immediate Release: Company to Release all six lines from The Plasencia Factory, Estelí, Nicaragua At IPCPR 2017 Hiram & Solomon Cigars, The Masonic Themed Cigar Company has been gaining considerable ground over the past three years; they were featured in Cigar & Spirits Magazine Top Ten Boutique[…]

Hiram & Solomon Master Mason

Hiram Solomon Master Mason – Are You Knowledgeable?

Progressing through the degrees of Freemasonry requires the individual to gather and demonstrate knowledge of the craft. Recently we walked you through and introduced you to the Hiram & Solomon Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft cigars, both of which are named after the early degrees of learning and understanding of the Freemasons. Now that you[…]

Hiram Solomon Fellowcraft

Hiram Solomon Fellow Craft Cigar Review – Cigars and Charity

Ever since Hiram Solomon cigars hit the market a few years ago I was intrigued by the brand and its mission. The company has made it their mission to practice Freemason teachings and incorporate charity into the business. I love the fact that Hiram Solomon donates part of the sales profits to various Masonic and community charity[…]

Hiram & Solomon Shriner

The Shriner from Hiram & Solomon Cigars – Cigar Review

Hiram & Solomon Cigars may not have been a cigar household name but that is certainly starting to change as they have increased their offerings. At the 2016 IPCPR they introduced three new lines to their portfolio. One of those, the Traveling Man made our top 25 boutique cigars for 2016. Today I have the pleasure[…]

Diany Perez

Stogie Press Top 25 Boutique Cigars of 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 1, 2017 – Melbourne, FL Happy New Year everyone. Now that 2016 has come to a close we would like to announce the Stogie Press Top 25 Boutique Cigars of 2016. It should be noted that not every cigar on the market was sampled by us but of the many we[…]

Hiram Solomon Traveling Man

Hiram Solomon Traveling Man – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Today I have the pleasure of reporting on one of the latest releases from Hiram Solomon cigars. This one is known as the Traveling Man. Considering all the traveling around the world I’ve done this past year, it seemed appropriate that I would sit in my homestead and enjoy this in quiet solitude. The company[…]