Mother’s Day

is upon us. Every year, on the second Sunday in May, we all take the time to thank our Moms for everything they do for us. It is a tradition that is almost as old as time. Mother’s Day is as old as our civilization. It was first celebrated in Ancient Greece. They would honor the renewal of Spring by having a festival for Rhea, the goddess of fertility, motherhood & generation.


made Mother’s Day an official US

holiday in 1914. He signed into law that the second Sunday in May be designated

as “Mother’s Day”.


in May was originally chosen for Mother’s Day by Ann Jarvis during the Civil War. She wanted to find a way to bring the warring factions of North & South together in peace. She needed to find a commonality – something that everyone could agree on. The one thing that was indisputable was that everyone who fought had a mother, at one time or another. Ann Jarvis set up the second Sunday in May as “Mother’s Friendship Day” in 1868.


also has almost the same word for “mother”. Whether it’s Old Greek – Mytyr; Polish – Mama; Cambodian – Madai; or German – Mutter the words for “mother” are remarkably similar. Why is this? Because almost all languages take the word from the first sound that babies can make easily, which is the “ma” sound. In its own way, our languages are celebrating that very special relationship between a mother and her child.  

So, please take your mother to dinner – it is the restaurant industry’s biggest day! Give her flowers (the third biggest day for flower

sales, after Christmas & Chanukah) and buy her something she really wants. If she’s a cigar smoker, well, then you know what she wants!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone!

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