June 5, 2014


  • Many of us cigar enthusiasts are familiar with Shorty Rossi and his mission to save abused dogs. Shorty has a storied life but there are two things I know he loves – cigars and dogs. I have known Shorty for a number of years now and even recall going to a Detroit Tigers game one

  • No Joke Smoke 2019 Dinner – Kraji Tiki Party

    The 12th Annual No Joke Smoke Dinner was held on 3/30/19 and hosted by Kalani Matsuura from Mokuleia Cigar Company. I was not able to attend but Kalani was kind enough to provide a recap of the event and photos. The No Joke Smoke Dinner is one of the few cigar events in Honolulu that

  • Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

    Many of us get together regularly with friends to smoke cigars and to enjoy the brother and sister comradery that comes with the cigar lifestyle. Maybe you have been smoking for years, or maybe you haven’t. Either way we have all faced the dilemma of picking out cigars to share with a friend. Will they

  • By Mike Holmes Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash Many Cigar smokers enjoy listening to music while we puff on our stogies, which is a universal trait. However I am apart of a smaller demographic of cigar connoisseurs heavily influenced by Hip hop culture and find that listening to my favorite emcee brings me into

  • By: Mike Holmes Here we go again with another discussion on Cigar Etiquette. My first article for Stogie Press was very popular and  has received lots of great feedback. Thank you for the support and for reading what I write! As a continuation from my first article, I will be addressing Cigar Shop Etiquette. We

  • The Underground Cigar Shop and Lounge

    Ahhh Yes!! The Underground Cigar Shop and Lounge NFG19 – a joining of brothers and sisters of the leaf nationwide that love boutique cigars. I have been hearing and reading about the NFG events for a few years, not to mention the host shop, the world famous Underground Cigar Shop. So this year, I took

  • By now you have read and seen the fun we all all had during the first two days of Dominican Big Leaguer (DBL) Cigars tour earlier this month. As promised, I am now going to take you through the last 2 days of this spectacular event hosted by Francisco Almonte, owner of DBL Cigars in

  • Michael Noelle Leatherworx

    Last month while I attended the Smoke Inn Great Smoke 2019, I had the pleasure of speaking to Bryon C. James, who had a vendor booth showcasing his leather works creations for the cigar enthusiast. The name of the company is Michael Noelle Leatherworx and from what I saw, his products were well crafted, functional,

  • The first weekend of March, I could not wait to arrive, ever since I booked my plane ticket to Santiago, DR. You see, that was the weekend of the 5th annual DBL Cigars, Dominican Factory Tour. Even though I have been to the DBL factory before, it was a private tour for just a short

  • It’s International Woman’s Day. This is also my birthday week -Wednesday, actually. It’s also the week that my husband, Boston Jimmie, had two major, back-to-back cigar events; one in the Dominican Republic & the other in Texas. I’m in Central Florida, so yeah, happy birthday to me. My fantasy birthday party with all Boston Jimmie’s

  • Originality is probably one of the most noticeable virtues in the cigar industry. Many of our beloved cigars often have a story behind them while also having very creative packaging and a very unique marketing strategy. With so many different brands of cigars on the market, year after year, there is no doubt that our

  • Great Smoke 2019

    Close the book, the 2019 Smoke Inn Great Smoke is officially complete and once again Abe Dababneh has put on a stupendous event. I have said it before and will say it again. The Great Smoke is, by far, the best cigar event in the state of Florida. Prior to the main event, there was

  • Kennedy Achille, AKA Tobacco Kennedy, the owner of StogieTV and promoter of the Black Smoke Miami cigar event announced the release of his long awaited documentary film on the Padrón family. The film, directed, produced, and written by Achille, is professionally done and highlights the Padrón family while giving the viewer a unique inside look of the

  • Claudio Sgroi and Troops

    One of the many reasons I love the cigar industry so much, besides the sheer pleasure of the many cigars I enjoy, is how the industry gives back to the community it serves. We see the evidence of this in children’s charities, Cigars for Warriors, and the supporting of families and neighbors of the hard

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