Black Smoke Miami – Casa De Montecristo Prime Miami

Well, by now everyone is back home after last weekend’s Black Smoke Miami event. Sadly,  we are looking once again to south Florida today as Hurricane Irma bears down on the state, especially the Florida Keys and the gulf coast of Florida from  Fort Myers to Tampa. I wish all  our brothers and sisters of the leaf, their family and friends, safety throughout the weekend. As for my family and I,  we evacuated Friday morning to spend the time with my Daughter and her family in Jacksonville, FL and monitor the storm activity from there. It looks like we will be OK here, though I am still  worried about my friends and neighbors in central Florida and further south.

As we keep  everyone in our thoughts and prayers over the next 72 hours, lets relive a little some fun we had at the next to final event from last weekend’s  celebration of cigars, love,  and respect – Black Smoke Miami. After the big Back Yard Boogie Cigar BBQ last Saturday afternoon, we all  headed back to our hotels to change into our best all black attire for an evening of what was billed as Cigars and Cognac at Casa de Monticristo Prime  in downtown Miami. There was more than just cigars and cognac of course. We had another live band, but this time it was cool jazz that slowed down the tempo of the previous days and nights. It allowed us all to relax in a smooth easy moment. The music filled the air mingling with he puffy clouds of cigar smoke throughout the lounge. I have to say the ventilation of Casa de Monticristo Prime was spot on and even with the crowd we had, the smoke was not overwhelming.

The evening festivities started around 9PM  in this new 1st class cigar lounge. I will be giving a full review of the lounge itself but this is class all  the way. It has only been open about a year now and it exudes the luxury and class that cigar smoking is all about. Until I do the lounge review, I will let the slide show below depict the gathering and class that was on display throughout the evening.

As you relive the moments of last Saturday Evening, please keep all those in the path of Irma in your thoughts and prayers and recall the beauty of the area we were in. Let’s all hope the storm is not as severe as predicted and everyone comes out OK.

This was my last event for Black Smoke Miami 2017-  and I would like to take this moment to thank Kennedy Achille for the invite and introducing me to the many wonderful and incredible  brothers and sisters of the leaf that attended this outstanding event.

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