Cigar Giveaway Contest Results

Drum Roll Please…
It has been an exciting month here at Stogie Press. Last month we announced we would run a cigar giveaway contest that required participants to register on Stogie Press and comment on the article with the number of Cigar Bands that were in the über Paulaner Beer Mug.

contest 2

The contest rules  were simple:

  • You were only allowed to make one guess
  • You had to Subscribe to Stogie Press
  • You had to enter your guess as a comment to the article announcing the contest.

The contest ran from Sept 15 to Oct 15 when we published this October issue.

If you did not take the hint we  provided , you may not have known that the bands were collected from December of 2014 just after we built the Stogie Press Lounge bar and bands were the result of many cigars turned to ash during that period. By any good estimate there was close to $5,000 dollars of leaf that went up in smoke since then to fill that mug.
So the question is; Did anyone guess the exact number?

There were 546 cigar bands in total and the Stogie Head that got closest without going over was: Phil.

He guessed 523 bands. Phil, we will be contacting you via the email you registered with to get your mailing information we hope you enjoy this selection of cigars from Stogie Press.

Cigar Giveaway

Cigar Giveaway

Donald Santos would have won with his guess of 526 but he already submitted a guess earlier, sorry Donald.

Overall there were 23 of you that competed and there were 12 that were under and 11 that went over. So roughly 50/50. That mug was tricky I guess.
Stay tuned to Stogie Press for more contests in the future and pass the word that you too are a Stogie Head.

~Boston Jimmie

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