Cigar Lifestyle: Black Smoke Miami 2018 – Meet and Greet Party

It’s official, day one of this 5 day Miami herf, is in the books. Tobacco Kennedy (TK) and Stogie TV, lit a fire last year that once again burns in Miami. His vision of an annual cigar party, to celebrate labor day weekend with brothers and sisters of the leaf, kicked off its second year at Casa De Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar in downtown Miami. The party began at 7PM,  as folks from around the country, as far away as Maine and Las Vegas, and points in between, strolled in off the steamy hot streets of Miami, to get the party jamming.

And jam we did. We mingled, conversed, shared stories, made new friends while rekindling old ones, and of course we puffed through the night as billows of smoke rose through the lounge and into the hungry smoke eaters above.  For those that paid for the V.I.P Experience, you got to enter the special V.I.P. area where there was an open bar with top shelf bottles. The area also had its own seating but people all just mingled through out the lounge.

Casa de Montecristo by Prime is one of the most beautiful lounges in the state of Florida. They have a huge walk in humidor that is encased in glass, making it the shining light in the lounge. The bar is extensive, with a full stock of the best spirits to satisfy your discerning palate. There are plenty of comfortable leather seats throughout the lounge to relax and enjoy the moment. Of course, on this evening, it was standing room only.

I was not in attendance at last years meet and greet, day one party, so I can not say how the attendance compared to last year, which was held at Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood, FL, but I would have to say this was a great start to an upcoming fine holiday weekend in Miami.

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