Cigar Lifestyle: Kareem Fort gives Stogie Press the L.A. Lowdown on “Smoke BIG”

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to interview Documentary Film Producer, Kareem (Reem) Fort, to talk about his latest project “Smoke BIG. The new documentary film, which is scheduled to be released in early 2020, focuses on the Los Angeles cigar culture.

Kareem is best known for his Hip-Hop documentary “Demos” which was released in May of 2013 but his life in Hip-Hop goes back to age 12 when he first started rapping and through the years he learned a lot about the business. Originally designed to be a book, Kareem realized Demos would be much better as a movie. The film offered aspiring Hip-Hop artists an education on the industry and how to break into it and reach success. You can rent or purchase a copy on Amazon here.

Kareem also co-founded HIPNOTT records in 2009. The record label was the first to offer a platform for new Hip-Hop artists to get their music in front of fans, through the the internet. The label is still active today.

Smoke BIG

With a successful film under his belt, Kareem decided it was time to do make another, this time focusing on cigars but with an L.A. spin. The Smoke BIG documentary will take you deep into the L.A. cigar culture. It promises to have a number of celebrities, politicians, shop owners, along with regular Joe’s and Jane’s. All together, it will showcase the true vibe of the west coast cigar culture, a vibe that Kareem describes as quite unique. Some of the names featured in the film are Cedric the Entertainer, Matt Booth, Guy Torry, along with many more.

During the interview, we walked back to his early life in Hip-Hop and then we get into the discussion of the new Smoke BIG film which he created and serves as the Executive Producer of.

Kareem gives special credits to:

  • Producer – Myesha Michelle
  • Director – Anthony Depree
  • Director of Photography -Marcus fort

You can watch my interview with Kareem here:

We plan to stay on top of this as it develops in 2020. You can follow Smoke BIG development on Instagram at @smokebigdoc

2 thoughts on “Cigar Lifestyle: Kareem Fort gives Stogie Press the L.A. Lowdown on “Smoke BIG”

  • Looking forward to the Documentary as I’ve enjoyed getting more familiar with cigars, Kareem has been a wealth of knowledge for me. Can’t wait to see some of the celebrities and personalities that Kareem will be interviewing and Smoking Big with!

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