Stogie Press Cigar Giveaway

Who wants free cigars?

Well, Stogie Press is just over a year old and we have moved the Stogie Press lounge into our new home and permanent location. This past month Stogie Press hit an all-time high in viewership and hits. In celebration of all these events we would like to do a cigar giveaway.

We have been collecting cigar bands for awhile, so that we can build a new coffee and end table for the lounge. If you can guess the number of bands collected in the picture below you will win 5 premium cigars.

We will run this contest from September 15 to October 15, 2015. The contest will end if you guess the exact number otherwise the winner will be the one closest without going over. If you hit it exactly we will add a body-guard to the prize.

Rules of the contest:

  1. Subscribe to Stogie Press, it is FREE.
  2. You have to leave your guess as a comment to this article on
  3. Only one entry per person.

It’s that simple.

Hint – We have been collecting the bands since we built the Stogie Press bar. You can find that date by searching in Stogie Press.

Have fun

~Boston Jimmie

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