Leccia Tobacco Announces the Desnudo Cigar

Leccia Desnudo Cogar

Famed cigar blender and brand owner, Sam Leccia is back!

His latest creation is known as the Desnudo.  The word “Desnudo” means naked and it is exactly that, a naked cigar. For those that may not know, a naked cigar is one with no bands on it. According to Sam, “I went with the name Desnudo the Spanish word for naked, because I thought the cigar was just beautiful, and didn’t need a band.”

The Desnudo cigar is wrapped with a beautiful dark Brazilian leaf that covers the Habano binder along with filler Brazilian, Nicaragua Ligero and Pennsylvania Ligero. If the past is any indication of the future, the Desnudo cigar should be another outstanding cigar from Leccia Tobacco.

The Desnudo will be available in 3 vitolas:

  • 6X60
  • 5X54
  • 7X38 lancero

I contacted Sam and he told me:

“The cigar has a very raw look, yet is refined in a way I can’t explain. I am super happy with how the blend turned out and I believe the packaging only reflects that.

The cigars are not limited per say, but the cigars are (sometimes) rolled by me, and they are always boxed, packaged and shipped by myself (and my kids when they want to earn a little money). It doesn’t get more boutique than Desnudo.”

Desnudo cigars will come uniquely packaged in a wicker box. You know, I can’t recall ever seeing a packaging concept like this. The same material of the box is what is used to bail tobacco in Brazil, Mexico and sometimes Indonesia.

Leccia Desnudo Cigar

Leccia Desnudo Cigar

Sam also noted; “they will be available exclusively on Leccia-tobacco.com once I go live with the site (approx week or 2), and anyone interested shoot an email to info@samleccia.com

The Desnudo is a Brazilian blend that I am really exited about.

So next time you want something new, maybe you should go naked and get a Desnudo from Leccia Tobacco.



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