Cigar News: Foundation Cigars Brings the full Upsetters Line to Market

Inspired by the revolutionary artistry of Jamaica’s legendary musicians, Foundation Cigar Company is proud to share its world-class designs by the company’s own creative laboratory (The ATOL Collective) in what is the fulfillment, and the foundation, of The Upsetters cigars.   

The Upsetters cigars were developed by Nicholas Melillo out of a decades-long love for both Jamaican leaf and the islands’ storied roots culture.

“When I started smoking cigars in 1996, many of my favorites were made in Kingston, Jamaica.  The same year, I fell in love with roots reggae music. The Upsetters is the realization of my two great passions.” 

Founder Nicholas Mellilo

The Upsetters cigars use a traditional, indigenous Caribbean method of infusing tropical woods, layered with aromatic herbs, into a blend of premium, first-pick tobacco in a process of herbal synthesis.  The blend features authentic Jamaican Cow Tongue tobacco– a leaf first cultivated on the island by the Arawak people centuries ago.

This artwork, inspired by Jamaican album covers from the late 60’s, is a true expression of The Upsetters spirit: the uplifting of the underdog through roots music and positive vibrations.

It is out of the utmost respect and appreciation that Foundation is proud to bring you The Upsetters as it was meant to be: a one of a kind celebration of Jamaican leaf, Jamaican history, and Jamaican culture blended with the best of Nicaraguan filler.   

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