Cigar News: Isabela Cigars announces the 2018 Shape-Shifter

Isabela Cigars has announced their latest creation the 2018 ISABELA  Shape-Shifter described by the company as their “Most Aggressive Blend To Date“.

The 2018 ISABELA Shape-Shifter is created with multiple varied strains of high-priming Nicaraguan Tobaccos, wrapped in aged Ecuadorian Connecticut and Nicaraguan Habano Prieto.

2018 ISABELA Shape-Shifter
2018 ISABELA Shape-Shifter

According to the company:

“Each and all of the tobaccos used is aged at different lengths, then blended with an added sliver of fresh Pennsylvania Ligero. Once rolled, the Shape Shifter is then allowed post-production seasoning of over two and a half years, to allow all of the different tobaccos  TIME…to rest, marry, season and ripen together, to fully reveal their unique flavor profiles, revealing a mind-bending blend of multiple powerful transitions of ever-changing flavor profiles..!”

The 2018 Isabela Shape-Shifter is the latest release from the Creative Magic Studio of Isabela Cigar Company. It is limited to 50 boxes of 12, and 50 bundles of 25. They will only be available at official Isabela Retailers which are listed on the company’s website, 

Isabela Cigars also notes that a limited number of the 2018 Isabela Shape-Shifter will be available for purchase from their website at our website in  5-Packs and 12ct Luxury Boxes.

The company has set the MSRP at follows:

  • Per Cigar $8.95
  • 5-packs $45.00
  • Boxes of 12 $120.00

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