Cigar News: Kretek International, Inc. aligns with Gawith Hoggarth Pipe Tobacco Products

For all you pipe lovers out there, it was announced today that Kretek International, Inc., the United States’ largest importer, marketer, and distributor of specialty tobacco products has inked an exclusive distribution deal with legendary Gawith Hoggarth brands.

According to today’s press release Kretek International notes:

“Established in Kendal, England, in the mid-1800s, Gawith Hoggarth has a longstanding tradition of excellence within the pipe tobacco industry, offering a line of products that are highly sought-after by both tobacconists and consumers. Kretek International, Inc. already imports and distributes its related brand, Samuel Gawith, and aims to increase the reach and accessibility of Gawith Hoggarth through the well-established sales channels of their subsidiaries.”

With almost two centuries of selling tobacco products, Gawith Hoggarth has persevered in the best and worst markets the world has seen. They achieved this by using time-honored techniques that bring out their robust flavors. Pipe smokers may be familiar with Gawith Hoggarth, but for those that are not, they are known for creating small-batch tobacco blends that carry unique, old-fashioned essences, like licorice, geranium, and rose.

Gawith Hoggarth
Gawith Hoggarth

As part of the exclusive agreement, Kretek International will be utilizing its sales forces from Ventura Cigar Company and Philips & King to distribute about 30 Gawith Hoggart blends. The way the distribution channels will work is as follows:

  • Ventura Cigar Company sales team – premium tobacconist channel
  • Phillips & King sales team – smoke shops and other pipe retailers

Erik Stokkebye, Brand Manager at Kretek of pipes and pipe tobacco noted:

“As a fourth-generation master crafter at 4th Generation, I know a thing or two about pipe tobacco. Gawith Hoggarth is a brand my family has long-admired for its traditions and its quality. It has the values of a Kretek product, and using its distribution arm will only strengthen the brand even further. I’m very pleased to welcome them to the Kretek family.

Gawith Hoggarth is a natural fit for Kretek”

Michael Giannini, General Manager at Ventura Cigar Company added:

“We’ve been going through a lot of changes at Ventura Cigar. As a newly-formed standalone subsidiary of Kretek, we’ve been building a sales team that is hyper-focused on reaching and growing the tobacconist channel. Gawith Hoggarth has a long history of performance for retailers and is a top draw for consumers. It’s a brand that we are proud to present to our retail customers.”

With this new distribution deal, the Gawith Hoggarth products will join 4th Generation, Comoy’s of London, and Samuel Gawith as another high-quality pipe tobacco offering in the Ventura Cigar Company and Phillips & King portfolios.

Ventura Cigar Company plans to begin shipping the Gawith Hoggarth products in late spring/early summer 2019. For more information about Gawith Hoggarth, please visit

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