Cigar News: Providencia Cigars Introduces La Misión – 15 Years of Honduran Love

Providencia Cigars La MisiónThe little Texas cigar company that keeps on chugging along, Providencia Cigars, has announced their 5th production cigar. Known as La Misión (The Mission), the cigar is a tribute to company founder, Jim Faber and his short mission to Honduras that turned into a 15-plus year, love affair, with the people and land of Honduras. As a professional soccer player, Faber’s call to a mission, was to help the Honduran youth get off the crime and gang ridden streets, and find a better way through youth soccer camps.

In Jim’s words he explains La Misión:

“I never imagined that a short term mission trip to Honduras would turn into 15+ years of my life living and working with some of the most amazing people in the world.  “La Misión” (the mission) is a tribute to the all the hard work and sacrifice that so many people made over those years. I was just honored to be a small spoke in the wheel in God’s vast and eternal plan.”

La Misión is available in a single 7.5 x 38 lancero that is finished with a traditional pig tail cap. Providencia Cigars describes La Misión as a medium to full strength cigar, that offers a balanced profile of pepper, cocoa, and spice with an under-note of caramel sweetness.

Providencia Cigars La Misión

Providencia Cigars La Misión

La Misión is a dual country blend composed of:

  • Wrapper – Honduran
  • Binder – Honduran
  • Filler – Honduran and Nicaraguan

The company noted that all Honduran leaf used in La Misión is actually planted, grown, and harvested by Providencia Cigars on a private farm in Honduras. Final production of La Misión cigars is completed at the La Pequena Vega Cigar Factory in Danli, Honduras, which is owned by close friend Javier Mendoza,  a second generation plantation owner and master blender.

Like the company’s Hostage cigar, they chose to go with a limited production rate of only 1,050 cigars so that they can ensure the quality and consistency, the company has become known for. They are packaged in 10-count, bright blue, cedar boxes and 11-count bundles. MSRP is set at $9.99/cigar.

Providencia Cigars will be taking orders and shipping La Misión starting immediately.

Providencia Cigars sent me a pre-release sample of La Misión a few months back, and even though it was young and the name was secret, it was an awesome lancero and overall fine smoke. You can read my pre-release review of La Misión here. I will be posting an updated review of the production version soon.

Providencia Cigars La Misión

Providencia Cigars La Misión

Providencia Cigars La Misión

Providencia Cigars La Misión

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