Cigar News: RVGN RAUCHVERGNÜGEN ANNOUNCES KENTRON #42K – The First-Ever Metal 3D Printed Cigar Ashtray Following Biomimetic Design Principles

RVGN Rauchvergnügen – German Engineered Cigars – announces the KENTRON #42K cigar hub, an elaborate, high-tech aluminum ashtray.

It consists of 42,000 singular elements, metal 3D-printed, its design following biomimetics principles. KENTRON #42K will be limited to 100 units worldwide. The cigar hub will be presented at IPCPR19, and is available globally for pre-order after IPCPR19.

The first product shipment is planned for August 2019. Ashtrays have become more and more devalued, a mere necessity for discarding the ash. This is why we at RVGN Rauchvergnügen began engineering a new and entirely modern interpretation. Our aim was nothing less than to re-create the ashtray and its meaning – an exquisite place for the cigar, fostering intimacy and inspiration, and embodying a modernist lifestyle.

With KENTRON #42K, we created a true cigar hub. KENTRON #42K is designed to be the centerpiece of an exclusive cigar assembly: an elaborate, high-tech object that serves as a placement of valuable cigars and a source of serenity. Biomimetics was the guiding principle in the development of KENTRON #42K’s experimental design.

Biomimetics elicits inspirations from nature to solve complex human problems and can be used to design spectacular objects. Together with CellCore, a Berlin company specializing in biomimetic engineering, we created a lightweight backbone structure similar to the veins of a tobacco leaf. The body of KENTRON #42K is then filled with 42,000 singular elements arranged in a biomimetic pattern – hence the designation #42K.

The stunning result is a homage to the intricate architecture of the tobacco leaf. KENTRON #42K is made of aluminum alloy and will be built to order using the latest in metal 3D-printing technology. Employing this component design method, we deliberately challenged the limits of today’s additive manufacturing solutions. Until today, the production of an excessively complex technological object such as Kentron #42K had been impossible.

In a joint effort with German additive manufacturing specialists and a manufacturer of latest industrial 3D metal printing technology, we succeeded in precisely printing KENTRON #42K with all its 42,000 elements. The elaborate 8-hour printing process hits today’s technological limits. The complete KENTRON #42K set consists of the 3D-printed cigar hub itself and a hand-crafted wooden deluxe humidor with matte grey finish, featuring the serial number and the owner’s name. Other personalization options are available on demand.

The production will be limited to 100 units worldwide. We will present the prototype at our booth no. 3661 at the 87th Annual Convention & International Trade Show of the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR19) in Las Vegas. We will announce the final retail price at that time. KENTRON #42K will be globally available for pre-order after IPCPR19. RVGN Rauchvergnügen dealers and lounges will each receive a limited reserved contingent of KENTRON #42K. The first product shipment is planned for August 2019.

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