Cigar News: The Latest on the Tyrannical Buc

As we continue moving through 2019, Riste (Buc) Riatevski has provided a deeper glimpse into the Jas Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc cigar. As we reported two weeks ago, we knew very little about this new blend. Today there is new info. This is like trying to see what the new Corvette looks like if you spot it on a road in Detroit. Riste has taken off some of the camouflage now and disclosed the following details:


The Tyrannical Buc will ship to all accounts in April 2019.. Got that? April, big month, make sure you did your taxes and have some cash left to get the Buc.

The Blend

We now know the blend of this exciting Jas Sum Kral release:

  • Wrapper – Broadleaf Maduro
  • Binder – Jalapa 
  • Filler – Condega, Pennsylvania, Esteli Double Ligero

The Vitolas and Price

We also have discovered the sizes (vitolas) and the associated MSRP. There are 4 vitolas in this new line each packaged in 15-count, single row, boxes.

  • Magnum 48 (4 x 48)   – MSRP $9.00/cigar
  • Generosos (5.5 x 40)  – MSRP $8.20/cigar
  • Dobles  (6.5 x 50) – MSRP $10.50/cigar 
  • Golem Buc (5.5 x 60)  – MSRP $11.50/cigar 

And last but not least, we now have a photo of what this bad boy look like:

Jus Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc
Jus Sum Kral Tyrannical Buc

Woah – And A Conny?

In case you are wondering what the lighter shade cigar is, well that’s the Tyrannical Buc Connecticut of course. Riste noted that the Connecticut will be available after IPCPR in late June of this year. They will come in the same sizes. We believe the blend to be the same with just a different wrapper, but one never knows until The Buc tells us.

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