Crux Cigars Begins Shipping It’s Third Release of the Crux Limitada PB5

You have read about them, maybe even smoked a few from previous years and this year they are on the Stogie Press Top 25. We are talking about the the Crux Limitada PB5. Once again, the Crux team has succeeded at releasing an absolutely beautiful, 5.75 x 54 Cuban box pressed cigar that is loaded with flavors and aroma, of course 12 years of aged wrapper doesn’t hurt either.

Crux Cigars announced today, the third release of their highly successful Limitada PB5. The “PB517” begins shipping this week to retail partners across the country.

Crux Limitada PB517 I don’t know how much wrapper leaf the company has in their warehouse, but the company’s press release noted:

“As with each of the previous two releases, this is also a limited edition. However, Crux Cigars has increased the production of this release to 1,000 10-count boxes. The cigar continues to feature a proprietary Engañoso wrapper leaf that was originally secured in 2012.”

Take it from me, Boston Jimmie, you are going to want to get your hands on this award winning cigar before they are sold out. If the past is any prediction of the future, these will sell out quickly, just as they have the past 2 years.

Crux Cigars Vice President, Casey Haugen, stated:

“We continue to appreciate the positive response to the Limitada PB5 and are pleased to offer this limited edition again.”

The previous PB5 2016 edition was rated the Number 2 Cigar Of The Year by

Crux Limitada PB517

The Crux Limitada PB517 is produced at Plasencia Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua.

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