IPCPR 2015 – An Introduction

Well it is mid-July and that means it is time for the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailer (IPCPR) annual show. This year it is in New Orleans, LA – The Big Easy. This is a city that earlier this year attempted to pass a comprehensive smoking ban and it was swiftly amended by the outpouring of comments from the cigar community and of course because the largest cigar convention is being held there.

Stogie Press will be there in force at IPCPR 2015 and covering the event throughout the 4 days, reporting back regularly each night. As usual this is the time when all the new blends hit the market and there have been some real interesting press releases coming out over the past month. The list of anticipated new releases this year that will be featured at the show are numerous but  here is a short list:

  • 1502 Black Gold, Emerald Corona, and Ruby Corona
  • PDR A Flores Gran Reserva Habano
  • A.J. Fernandez New World line Additions including a new Conneticut Shade Wrapped Blend
  • Asylum Cigar Blends – Schizo MAduro and Nyctophilia
  • Caldwell Last Czar in addition to new Eastern Standards
  • Camacho Barrel Aged
  • Espinosa Especial No. 1
  • Fratello Blanco
  • Illusione- eccj-20th
  • Jordan Alexander III
  • L’Atelier Cote d’Or
  • La Flor Dominicana TAA 47
  • Nomad Esteli Lot 8613
  • Quesada Reserva Privada
  • Room 101 Master Collection
  • Swinger 1895
  • Tatuaje Musubi
  • Moya Ruiz Chinese Finger Trap
  • Viaje Jalapeno
  • Wilson and Adams Mr Wilson

In all we are half way through the year and there are over 400 new or extended lines. Last year there were well over a 1000 by years end. The industry is cranking them out and we will be sampling and reviewing as many as we can.

In addition to the cigars there is hope that we will get an update on the latest FDA regulations and how that will affect the industry and rest assured any info we get will be promptly reported to you our readers.

La Palina will be sponsoring the main event which will feature the classic band America – think “A horse with no name”


Fratello Cigars will be sponsoring the opening coktail hour and government affairs briefing


And Swinger Cigars will be providing transportation around the show.


This year Stogie Press will be arranging a number of video Interviews with the owners and manufacturers about their new blends and of course we will have months of reviews of these blends as the year moves on.

Last year we reported on the many things that should not be at the IPCPR and the association must have heard the message since this year the non cigar and pipe related offerings like hookahs and e-cigs will be presented in a different area. That certainly makes it better for the cigar and pipe vendors.

Stay tuned to Stogie Press July 17 – 21 as we bring you the best of the show in addition to the fun and revelry in the Big Easy.

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