IPCPR 2015 Day 1 – New Orleans

IPCPR 2015 First Day sponsors

IPCPR 2015 First Day sponsors

Day 1 of the 2015 IPCPR has come to a close here in The Big Easy and it was a day of meetings and cigar smoking as usual. The day started with a retail marketing presentation that was sponsored by Sindicato Cigars featuring their Hex cigar.

After a short lunch break we moved into a presentation on the Tobacconist University that was sponsored by Crowned Heads and featured new La Imperiosa cigar which is actually the same blend as the 2014 Las Calaveras that was such a big hit for them that the company decided re-release in a non limited availability in multiple Vitolas.

Moving through the day we sat through a presentation for retailers focused on what they need to do in their shops when the get back from the show. This was sponsored by Nomad Cigars and featured Fred Rewey’s latest creation the Esteli Lot 8613.

The final and most anticipated presentation was the Government affairs briefing sponsored by Fratello Cigars.  I was hoping to bring you more updates on the where the industry is with impending regulations by sadly there was nothing more than previously reported on this subject. Our Government is still pouring over comments and has yet to decide what, if any, regulations will made on what is yet to be determined a “premium cigar”.

The day ended with a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres hour co-sponsored by Fratello and PDR cigars.

So the day is done and we head out on the town for some New Orleans fun. Tomorrow the convention floor opens and we will be meeting with your favorite cigar manufacturers. You can expect some video interviews tomorrow through Monday about new blends and companies.

While I was busy doing my job of sitting through presentations and smoking cigars, my wife and partner was busy observing the build out of some of the booths. These guys worked their asses off in no A/C, some for two long days so that the show can be a success.

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It looks to be an amazing event as usual.


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  • Great job as usual Jimmy. Keep up the good work. I know it’s tough, but I’m sure you’ll get through it! Enjoy buddy!

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