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May 10, 2018

Kaplowitz, Owner of Kaplowitz Media and James (Boston Jimmie) Vita, Editor and Publisher of Stogie Press have reached a collaborative agreement to share a special news segment on the weekly Kaplowitz Radio podcast. The new segment will feature the latest addition to Stogie Press where the online publication will highlight the past week’s notable news and discussion on social media channels and cigar groups. Powered by Stogie Press, the Kaplowitz Radio segment will pull from that information to discuss it in more detail, including Kap’s unique commentary.

The concept is not to just repeat the news but rather feature some of the most interesting and thought-provoking discussions that have popped up on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each Friday, Stogie Press will be publishing the highlights and Kaplowitz Radio, a Kaplowitz Media production, will digest the information and spin it back in a special 10-minute segment. Selected comments on the content on Stogie Press will be addressed on Kaplowitz Radio, as well.

You can tune into Kaplowitz Radio every Monday by visiting www.Kaplowitz.xyz. Show archives are there, too.

Boston Jimmie noted:

“This is a great way for cigar lovers to understand what is being talked about and be able to join in the conversation since each thread will be linked back through Stogie Press especially if you missed the thread on social media”

Kap Kaplowitz stated:

“I am normally a one-man show. I will continue to be part of a one-man show by wearing a frilly dress every time myself and Boston Jimmie collaborate. In all seriousness, this will bring a unique spin to the week’s social media debates, discussions, and debacles. It will also further bring interesting topics beyond just (yawn) news to my followers.”

About Kaplowitz

Me? I was once a chef and another time a professional wrestler. I am a published writer, both in print and on paper, of genres ranging from Pulp to Pome. My family’s roots in podcasting go back to 1901. Blogging, 1898. This in the Old Country of The Nicanduras Republic. Feel free to look all this up. I should have written this in the third person, like how Boston Jimmie did his below.

About Stogie Press

Stogie Press was launched at the 2013 IPCPR in Las Vegas and has seen continued growth in readership and sponsors year over year. The online publication brings to consumers, honest cigar reviews, news, lifestyle and worldwide cigar related travel articles.


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