Stogie Press Presents #1 Connecticut Cigar of 2017 to General Cigar Company at the 2018 IPCPR

Macanudu Inspirado White

Back in January of this year, we published our top 25 Connecticut cigars for 2017. The top cigar on that list was the Macanudo Inspirado White.

After 7 months and a long trip out to Las Vegas, NV; it was time to present to the General Cigar Company the award for this achievement.

As I noted in the January article:

Macanudo may not be a cigar you would expect to see on a top cigar list, let alone the number one pick. But I have to give credit to General Cigars for stepping out of the box with the creation of this magnificent cigar. They got the number one spot for a few reasons. First and foremost, the Macanudo Inspirado White Label is outstanding, but that can be said about all the cigars on this list.

What really makes this the number one, is how it impacts the industry as a whole. Macanudo cigar lovers have been known as loyal to the brand and enjoy the fairly mild smoking experience the cigar offered. With the Inspirado White Label, General Cigars has turned the page and brought a bolder and somewhat spicier blend to the Macanudo lover, which may expand the palate of their fans. This blend also may draw in others who love such bolder spicier blends to try the Macanudo Inspirado White Label and even experience the full Inspirado line. When you factor in the price of this fabulous smoke, there are few cigars that can offer such value with a premium cigar experience.

Boston Jimmie and Steve Abbott

Boston Jimmie and Steve Abbott

A game changing cigar for sure! This statement was echoed by Steve Abbott, Macanudo Brand Manger for the General Cigar Company when I spoke to him at this years IPCPR. Steve mentioned the Inspirado line has been quite successful, so much so, that this year they added the “Inspirado Red” to the line with a mission to offer US cigar smokers a more Nicaraguan smoking experience. We will have more on the Inspirado Red later, as we sample and review it, but based on the description it promises to be a bold blend that may continue to evolve the palate of Macanudu fans and even bring over new fans craving bold and full body cigars.

Congratulations to Steve Abbott and the whole General Cigar Co. team.

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