The Cigar Media Association (CMA) Accepts Stogie Press as its newest member

January 8. 2016




The Cigar Media Association (CMA) Accepts Stogie Press as its newest member.

Stogie Press has received notification that they have been admitted to the Cigar Media Association  (CMA). The CMA is committed to improving the relationship of cigar media with the cigar industry providing the cigar industry with an accredited group of individuals that can produce accurate media to consumers and retailers.

Stogie Press made its inaugural debut at the 2014 International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) association convention and trade show. Since its inception, Stogie Press has provided honest reviews featuring cigar characteristics such as flavor profile, burn quality, construction, and aroma and not numerical ratings. Additionally, Stogie Press includes interesting and informative articles, interviews, and news about the cigar lifestyle.

Stogie Press is honored to be a member of the Cigar Media Association which includes the following membership.

  • Blind Man’s Puff
  • The Cigar Authority
  • Cigar Coop / Stogie Geeks
  • Cigar Dojo
  • Cigar Inspector
  • Cigar Federation
  • Cigar Smoke
  • Cigar Jukebox
  • Cigar Vixen
  • Covering Your Ash
  • Fat Ash Magazine
  • Half Ashed
  • Kiss My Ash Radio
  • Love of the Leaf
  • Nice Tight Ash
  • Stogies on the Rocks
  • Stogie Press
  • Toasted Foot

Stogie Press is an Immerse Marketing, LLC publication.

Immerse Marketing, LLC , is a woman owned business that is a recognized leader in branding and marketing with services specializing in web development and design, product photography, and graphic arts.

For more information on Stogie Press you can email them at

For more information on Immerse Marketing, LLC you can email them at

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