Try the Green ACID! – Two Wrongs Make a Beautiful Right.

Every year in July, the cigar industry converges for a celebration of our lifestyle with brand owners, retailers, and media members. This event is known as the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) association convention. It is here where those responsible for creating the new blends introduce them to the those that sell them to the consumer. I am one of those that report on this.

This year there were quite a number of blends and line extensions that were being shown. One of those was the new Candela (Green) ACID blends from Drew Estate. This candela revolution by Drew Estate was started last year when they boldly applied the candela wrapper to the Kentucky Fire Cured (KFC) cigar and branded it as the Swamp Thang. It was pure genius by the Drew Estate team led by Jonathan Drew as it sweetened the flavor of the KFC.

This year, Drew Estate applied the candela to the ACID line and here is Drew Estate’s, Fabian (Dirty) Ziegler, to talk about the Green ACID and how “two wrongs make a beautiful right”.

We will have a review of Kuba Candela up soon.

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