Nomad Classic Rambler – Cigar Review

IMG_20140915_152102Sometimes a classic is just that, a creation that has set a standard, judged over time to be of high quality and outstanding. The Nomad Classic Rambler is truly a classic. Introduced by Fred Rewey of Nomad Cigars, as part of their “Classic” line of cigars in 2012 the inaugural year for Nomad Cigars. Although only 2 years on the market,the Nomad Classic will live on as the standard to be judged for Nomad.

The “Classic” line is available in six vitolas:

  • Fugitive II Perfecto (6×51)
  • Vagabond Perfecto (4-5/8×54)
  • Rambler (5×50)
  • Renegade (5-1/4×54)
  • Navigator Torpedo (6×52)
  • Drifter (6×60).

Today I sampled the 5×50 Rambler. Like all  Nomad Classic cigars is constructed of Dominican filler and binder wrapped with  slightly oily Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. The wrapper is a slightly bumpy with some noticeable veins. It is rather  rustic looking and reminds me of some classic Cuban sticks I have seen in my past. The label is bold red and black emblazoned with the distinctive winged iron cross and compass/gun site of the Nomad logo. Fred Rewey’s Twitter handle @Godfadr, is printed on the back.

The Classic Rambler is  nicely capped and offered a scent of hay  along the barrel and on the foot. The cold draw was open and included notes of hay and some earth.



After I clipped the cap and torched it up I was greeted with oodles of mouth filling creamy smoke. The draw was perfect as was the burn. It quickly developed a flavor of roasted nuts and a touch of leather. There was no discernible spice or pepper even on the retrohale – at least in the first half.  This stogie was a very smooth and delectable smoke so far. As the Rambler got into the 1st inch or so, there was a background of cedar coming through that stayed for a good way through the 1st third.  The ash was tight and a medium grey in color that I am sure will blend into the cement floor of the Gar Cave when it falls.

After taking this beautiful picture of the Rambler, the ash fell.

 I think it may have held if I didn’t get up off my lazy ash but hey, the photo was worth the ash drop.

Now that the ash dropped, I relaxed again and continued some more Rambler enjoyment. Moving into the back seat of the Rambler, there is some black pepper showing its face and there are some pleasant floral notes wafting in the air. The pepper starts to blend with some nuts as it closes out.
The Classic Rambler is a medium to full body cigar that doesn’t lack in flavor or smoke. Did I mention is provided oodles of smoke. It is well constructed and the burn was right on. I think I will have another or maybe a Renegade with a nice cup of Joe.


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